WPNCS and related expert groups

The annual meetings of the Working Party on Nuclear Criticality Safety and its five Expert Groups will take place on 26-30 June 2017 at NEA and OECD headquarters in Paris.

Registration is open until June 16, 2017

Register here to the WPNCS 2017 meetings. Detailed agendas will be made available in due course.

Important : Change of meeting room location for Thursday 29 June: EGUACSA will meet at OECD Headquarters, not at NEA offices.

Proposed Timetable: 26-30 June 2017

Date Schedule


Room BB1


Room CC12

Mon. 26 June 09:00-12:30 EGCEA  
Mon. 26 June 14:00-18:00 EGADSNF  
Tue. 27 June 09:00-18:00 EGUNF  
Wed. 28 June 09:00-18:00 EGAMCT  
Thurs. 29 June 09:00-18:00 [Room Unavailable] EGUACSA
Fri. 30 June 09:00-17:00 WPNCS*  

* Participation to the WPNCS meeting is restricted to WPNCS members.

Last reviewed: 14 June 2017