WPNCS and related expert groups

The annual meetings of the Working Party on Nuclear Criticality Safety and its five Expert Groups will take place at NEA headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris) on 26-30 June 2017.

Registration is open until June 16, 2017

Register here to the WPNCS 2017 meetings. Detailed agendas will be made available in due course.

Proposed Timetable: 26-30 June 2017

Date Schedule NEA Room BB12
Mon. 26 June 09:00-12:30 EGCEA
Mon. 26 June 14:00-18:00 EGADSNF
Tue. 27 June 09:00-18:00 EGUNF
Wed. 28 June 09:00-18:00 EGAMCT
Thurs. 29 June 09:00-18:00 EGUACSA
Fri. 30 June 09:00-17:00 WPNCS*

* Participation to the WPNCS meeting is restricted to WPNCS members.

Last reviewed: 30 June 2016