EGADSNF Archives

File Name / Title
GE TRW (1.22 MB)
TWR Yucca Mountain Project Test Report Phase I (1999)
Gd Rods (0.15 MB)
Fuel Rod Position in the Fuel Bundle Mark-B 15x15 (1999)
SRTMI-1 (13.8 MB)
Summary Report of Commercial Reactor Criticality Data for Three Mile Island Unit 1 (2001)
TMI1_Scaglione_2002 (3.82 MB)
Three Mile Island Unit 1 Radiochemical Assay Comparisons to SAS2H Calculations (2002)
TMI1_wolf_ANL_2000 (0.56 MB)
Analysis of spent nuclear fuel samples from Three Mile Island and Quad cities Reactors : Final Report (2000)
TMI1_segments_ANL (0.51 MB)
Intra-Laboratory Memo (1998)
PNNL-13677 (0.85 MB)
Compilation of Radiochemical Analyses of Spent Nuclear Fuel Samples (2001)
JRNC-263-3-2005 (0.56 MB)
Analysis of high burnup spent nuclear fuel by ICP-MS (2005)
GE-Data-Qual-TMI1-QC1 (0.81 MB)
Data Qualification Report : GE Radiochemical Assay Results for TMI-1 and QC-1 Fuel Samples (2005)

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