Reactor Physics at the NEA - A brief history

An essential role in developing "Reactor Physics" was played by the European-American Committee on Reactor Physics (EACRP), which was later renamed to Nuclear Energy Agency Reactor Physics Committee (NEACRP), when Japan joined. International cooperation in this field was established, information was exchanged that was not available in the literature, common projects were set-up and completed, friendships have developed, and overall an outstanding progress was achieved. This Committee was then reorganised together with others, which gave birth to the Nuclear Science Committee in 1992.

The table given below shows when and where this Committee held its meetings, and who formed the Bureau of the Committee. Many scientists who have contributed to this effort, can regretfully not all be listed here. We wish to acknowledge here however the outstanding work of many of these pioneers.

------------------------------------------------- E A C R P -------------------------------------------------------

  Month Year Place Chairman Vice-chairman Secretary
February 1962 Winfrith T.Fry (UK) none none
June 1962 Saclay B.Spinrad (USA) none R.Meier (CH)
February 1963 Zürich B.Spinrad (USA) none R.Meier (CH)
October 1963 Idaho Falls  B.Spinrad (USA) none R.Meier (CH)
June 1964 Hankoe P.Mummery (UK) none E.Critoph (CDN)
January 1965 Madesimo B.Spinrad (USA) none E.Critoph (CDN)
October 1965 Montreal P.Mummery (UK) none E.Critoph (CDN)
June 1966 Madrid V.Raievski (JRC) none H.Kouts (USA)
February 1967 Roma V.Raievski (JRC) none H.Kouts (USA)
October 1967 Tokyo V.Raievski (JRC) none H.Kouts (USA)
10 June 1968 New York E.Critoph (CDN) none U.Farinelli (I)
11 February 1969 London E.Critoph (CDN) none U.Farinelli (I)
12 November 1969 Berlin E.Critoph (CDN) none U.Farinelli (I)
13 July 1970 Richland G.Campbell (UK) none E.Hellstrand (S)
14 June 1971 Stockholm     G.Campbell (UK) J.Tyror (UK) E.Hellstrand (S)
15 July 1972 Zürich G.Campbell (UK) J.Tyror (UK) E.Hellstrand (S)
16 June 1973 Chicago W.Hannum (USA)  M.Duret (CDN)       E.Hellstrand (S)       


--------------------------------------------------- N E A C R P -------------------------------------------------

17 March 1974 Cadarache M.Duret (CDN)     none E.Hellstrand (S)
18 June 1975 Bologna H.Küsters (D) U.Farinelli (I) R.Richmond (CH)
19 June 1976 Chalk River H.Küsters (D) U.Farinelli (I) R.Richmond (CH)
20 June 1977 Petten J.Barré (F) U.Farinelli (I) R.Richmond (CH)
21 November 1978 Tokai-mura J.Barré (F) U.Farinelli (I) R.Richmond (CH)
22 October 1979 Paris C.Till (USA) M.Duret (CDN) P.Silvennoinen (SF)
23 September 1980 Idaho Falls C.Till (USA) M.Duret (CDN) P.Silvennoinen (SF)
24 September 1981 Winfrith J.Askew (UK) J.Bouchard (F) P.Wydler (CH)
25 September 1982 Karlsruhe J.Askew (UK) J.Bouchard (F) P.Wydler (CH)
26 October 1983 Oak Ridge J.Askew (UK) M.Salvatores (F) P.Garvey (CDN)
27 October 1984 Aix/Provence M.Salvatores (F)  L.LeSage (USA) P.Garvey (CDN)
28 November 1985 Madrid M.Salvatores (F) L.LeSage (USA) P.Garvey (CDN)
29 September 1986 Chalk River L.LeSage (USA) P.Garvey (CDN) J.Stevenson (UK)
30 September 1987 Helsinki L.LeSage (USA) K.Shirakata (J) J.Stevenson (UK)
31 October 1988 O-arai K.Shirakata (J) P.Wydler (CH) F.McDonnell (CDN)
32 October 1989 Chicago K.Shirakata (J) P.Wydler (CH) F.McDonnell (CDN)
33 October 1990 Paris P.Wydler (CH) F.McDonnell (CDN) R.Martinelli (I)
34 September 1991 Würenlingen P.Wydler (CH) F.McDonnell (CDN) R.Martinelli (I)