Nuclear Science Committee

Workshop on the need for integral critical experiments with low-moderated MOX fuels

14-15 April 2004
OECD Headquarters, Château de la Muette, Paris 16, France

PDF version of Final Announcement (5 March 2004): final_announcement.pdf


The use of MOX fuel in commercial reactors is a means of burning plutonium originating from either surplus weapons or reprocessed irradiated uranium fuel. This requires the fabrication of MOX assemblies on an industrial scale.

The OECD/NEA Expert Group on Experimental Needs for Criticality-Safety has highlighted MOX fuel manufacturing as an area in which there is a specific need for additional experimental data for validation purposes. Indeed, integral experiments with low-moderated MOX fuel are either scarce or not sufficiently accurate to provide an appropriate degree of validation of nuclear data and computer codes. New and accurate experimental data would enable a better optimisation of the fabrication process by decreasing the uncertainties on the determination of multiplication factors of configurations such as the homogenisation of MOX powders.

In this context, the OECD/NEA Nuclear Science Committee organised a workshop to address the following topics:

1) Expression and justification of needs for critical or near critical experiments with low-moderated MOX fuels

2) Proposals for experimental programs to address these needs

3) Prospects for an international co-operative program

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