Chair : Jess Gehin
Opening Session
Gordon Michaels
Welcome and Introduction
Jess Gehin
Overview of the Workshop
Kevin Hesketh
Status of the OECD/NEA Working Party on Reactor Systems

Kemal Pasamehmetoglu
The Fuels Development Program for the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative

David Petti
The DOE Advanced Gas Reactor (AGR) Fuel Development and Qualification Program

Chair : Larry Ott

Session I: Advanced Fuels for Minor Actinide Burning and Transmutation
John A. Stillman, Louis Grenet,
Dmitry G. Naberezhnev, Temitope A. Taiwo, Won Sik Yang
Comparison of Inert-Matrix Fuels for Actinide Recycling
Mario Streit, Terje Tverberg, Wolfgang Wiesenack
Comparison of Inert Matrix Fuel Irradiations at OECD Halden Reactor
M. K. Meyer, J. R. Kennedy, S.L. Hayes, J.R. Stuart, D.D. Keiser, A.P. Maddison
Metal Alloy Fuels for Plutonium and Minor Actinide Transmutation

Ho Jin Ryu, Kweon Ho Kang, Kee Chan Song, Myung Seung Yang
Materials Properties and Fuel Performance of the DUPIC Fuel

Chair: Kevan Weaver
Session II: Advanced Fast Reactor Systems
Jacques Rouault, Thomas Y.C. Wei
The GEN IV Gas cooled Fast Reactor : Status of Studies
T D Newton, P J Smith, Y Askan
A Helium Cooled Particle Fuelled Reactor for Fuel Sustainability
J. J. Sienicki, A. V. Moisseytsev, P.A. Pfeiffer, W. S. Yang, M. A. Smith, S.J. Kim, Y. D. Bodnar, D.C. Wade, L. L. Leibowitz
SSTAR Lead-Cooled, Small Modular Fast Reactor with Nitride Fuel
Ser Gi Hong, Tsuyoshi Okawa, Ehud Greenspan
Molten Salt Cooled ENHS (Encapsulated Nuclear Heat Source)-Type Reactors

Chairs : Pavel Medvedev and Kazuhiro Sawa
Session III: Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of Advanced Fuels
Doriane Hélary, Xavier Bourrat, Olivier Dugne, François Charollais, Marc Pérez, François Cellier
Characterization of Silicon Carbide and Pyrocarbon Coatings for Fuel Particles for High Temperature Reactors (HTR)

Virginie Basini, François Charollais, Denis Rochais, Doriane Hélary, Marc Perez, Pierre Guillermier
New Techniques Dedicated to the Characterization of Innovative Fuels

J. Somers, A. Fernandez, D. Haas
Kernels for the Disposition of Plutonium in High Temperature Reactors

Kazuhiro Sawa, Shouhei Ueta, Tatsuo Iyoku, Masuro Ogawa, Yoshihiro Komori
Research and Development Program of HTGR Fuel in Japan
A. K. Kercher, J. D. Hunn, J. R. Price, G. E. Jellison, F. C. Montgomery, R.N. Morris, J.M. Giaquinto, D.L. Denton
Advanced Characterization Methods for TRISO Fuels
P. G. Medvedev , S. M. Frank, M. J. Lambregts, A. P. Maddison, T. P. O’Holleran , M.K. Meyer
Dual Phase MgO-ZrO2 Ceramics for Use in LWR Inert Fuel Matrices
G. Toury, S. Shihab, B. Lance, M. Lippens
CERMET PuO2 – Ferritic Stainless Steel fuel Development and Performance Evaluation with COMETHE Code

Chair: Cassiano de Oliveira
Session IV: Advanced Thermal Reactor Systems
E. Greenspan, F. Ganda, Z. Shayer, N. Todreas, J. Malen, C. Shuffler, J. Trant, A. Romano, B. Petrovic, H. Garkisch
Optimization of UO2 Fuelled PWR Core Design
E. Shwageraus, P. Hejzlar, M.S. Kazimi
Constraining TRU Production in PWRs with Heterogeneous UO2 – ThO2 Assembly
F. Ganda, E. Greenspan
Incineration of Plutonium in PWR Using Hydride Fuel
Z. Shayer and E. Greenspan
Preliminary Assessment of Possibilities for Improving the Performance of SCWR Using PuH2-ThH2 Fuel
Bryan Miles, Christopher C. Pain, Matthew D. Eaton, Kemal Ziver, Anthony J. H. Goddard, Cassiano R. E. de Oliveira
Modelling Transient Stability and Dynamics of a Pebble Bed Reactor Using FETCH code
D. T. Ingersoll, E. J. Parma, C. W. Forsberg, J. P. Renier
Core Physics Characteristics and Issues for the Advanced High-Temperature Reactor (AHTR)
Felix Difilippo
Design of Plutonium- Burning Very High Temperature Reactors
M. Fratoni, Ehud Greenspan
Transmutation Capability of Molten Salt Reactors Fueled with TRU from LWR

Chair: Pierre D’hondt
Session V: Experimental Facilities and Programs, Nuclear Data, and International Programs
E. Malambu, V. Sobolev, W. Haeck, H. Aït Abderrahim
Modelling Incineration of Minor Actinides in Experimental ADS MYRRHA
V. Sobolev, S. Lemehov, W. Haeck, H. Aït Abderrahim
Modelling Long Term Performances of Minor Actinide Fuel Targets in Experimental ADS MYRRHA
Yuri Busurin, Juergen Kupitz, Ch. Ganguly
The INPRO Methodology for Innovative Nuclear Energy System Assessment – Fuel Cycle Considerations
Adrien Bidaud, Ivo Kodeli, Victor Mastrangelo, Enrico Sartori
Sensitivity to Nuclear Data and Uncertainty Analysis : The Experience of VENUS2 OECD/NEA Benchmarks
Adrien Bidaud, David Lecarpentier, Oliver Köberl, Tatiana Ivanova, Victor Mastrangelo, Ludovic Mathieu, Daniel Heuer
Sensitivity Analysis of Nuclear Data on keff for Graphite Moderated Innovative Reactors

Chair: Andrew Worrall
Session VI: Developments in Advanced Fuel Cycles and Actinide Burning
Simone Massara, P. Tetart, L. Boucher
A French Scenario for Fast Reactor Deployment Over the XXIst Century
N. Cerullo, G. Lomonaco, V. Romanello
Waste Radiotoxicity Minimization Using Innovative LWR-HTR-GCFR Symbiotic Fuel Cycles
Kevin Hesketh
Radiotoxicity of Thorium Fuel Cycles in PWRs
Hosadu Parameswara Nawada
Role of Minor Actinides Minimization Technologies and Approaches in Addressing Eco-friendly Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles

Chair: Jess Gehin
Overview of Workshop and Session Reports
Larry Ott
Summary of Session I
Kevin Weaver
Summary of Session II
Pavel Medvedev and Kazuhiro Sawa
Summary of Session III
Cassiano de Oliveira
Summary of Session IV
Pierre D’hondt
Summary of Session V
Andrew Worrall
Summary of Session VI

Chair: Daniel Ingersoll
Panel on Directions and Needs in Advanced Reactors and Fuels
Kazuhiro Sawa
Directions and Developments – Development Need and Requirements for HTGR Fuel
Charles Forsberg
Future Directions: Toward Higher Temperature Reactors
Kevin Hesketh
UK Perspectives on GEN-IV
Dave Williams
Transmutation: Evolutionary Strategy

Chair: Jess Gehin

Final Remarks and Closing

Tour of ORNL Facilities (Spallation Neutron Source, Graphite Reactor, High Flux Isotope Reactor)