CD-ROM International Nuclear Data Evaluation Co-operation

Complete Collection of Published Reports as of October 2001

No longer available: a new edition now available covers reports up until October 2003

Please visit the 2003 edition page to request a copy of the full collection of reports to the end of 2003.

The NEA International Nuclear Data Evaluation Co-operation programme brings together evaluation projects being carried out in Japan (JENDL), the United States (ENDF), western Europe (JEFF) and non-OECD countries (BROND, CENDL AND FENDL). The Nuclear Data Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) sponsors the participation of evaluation projects from non-OECD countries.

The Co-operation programme was established to promote the exchange of information on nuclear data evaluations, measurements, nuclear model calculations, validation, and related topics, and to provide a framework for co-operative activities between the participating projects. The Co-operation programme assesses needs for nuclear data improvements and addresses these needs by inititating joint evaluation and/or measurement efforts. Expert groups are established to solve specific common nuclear data problems. Each expert group produces a final report of its findings.


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