Index of unrestricted Nuclear Science documents for 1997

NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)1International Codes and Models Intercomparison for Intermediate Energy Activation Yields Authors: R. Michel, P. Nagel Publication date: February 1997
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)2NSC Task Force on Physics Aspects of Different Transmutation Concepts
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)7IRMM Annual Progress Report on Nuclear Data 1996 (Number given to H.H. Hansen, CEC-JRC-IRMM, Geel)
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)8NSC Working Party on Evaluation Cooperation Subgroup on Intermediate Energy Nuclear Data High Energy Nuclear Data Files: From ENDF-6 to NJOY to MCNP Authors: A.J. Koning and A. Hogenbirk, ECN Petten
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)10NSC Task Force on Physics Aspects of Different Transmutation Concepts (TFDT) Summary Record of the Third Meeting 24th and 25th June 1997, NEA Headquarters, Issy-les-Moulineaux
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)11Burnup Credit Criticality Benchmarks - Results of Phase IIIA (A Preliminary Rough Draft) Hiroshi OKUNO, Yoshitaka NAITO and Yoshihira ANDO (JAERI)
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)12VENUS-3 Three-Dimensional Benchmark on Ex-Core Dosimetry Computations - Final Report
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)13German progress report for Nuclear data 1996
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)14Proceedings of the Specialists' Meeting on the Nucleon-Nucleus Optical Model up to 200 MeV 13-15 November 1996, Bruyeres-le-Chatel, France
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)16Summary of the Fifth Meeting of the NSC Task Force on High Performance Computing in Nuclear Applications Sheraton, Saragota Springs, USA 6th October 1997
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)18Executive Summary of the Third Meeting of the Task Force on Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities(SATIF) Held at Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan) 12th to 13th May 1997
NEA/NSC/DOC(1997)19Actinide Separation Chemistry in Nuclear Waste Streams and Materials, December 1997
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)152Present -Status of JENDL Project, Akira Hasegawa, Nuclear Date Center, JAERI. Presented to 9th WPEC Meeting, 14 May 1997
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)153Present Status of JENDL High Energy File Project, T. Fukahori, Nuclear Data Center, JAERI; May 1997
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)154Japanese high Priority Request List, Revised Version May 1997, Tokio Fukahori and Akira Hasegawa, Nuclear Data Center, JAERI
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)155The JEFF Project and the JEFF-3 Nuclear Data Library. Ph. Finck, H. Gruppelaar, M. Konieczny, C. Nordborg, J. Rowlands.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)156Chairman's Summary and Highlights of the 45th Meeting of the Cross-Section Evaluation Working Group, BNL, 19-21 November 1996
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)157Validation of CNELD-2.1 and Progress on CENDL-3, Lui Tingjin, Chinese Nuclear Data Center
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)158FENDL-2: An Improved Nuclear Data Library fo Fusion Applications, A.B. Pashchenko, H. Wienke and D.W. Muir, Nuclear Data Section, IAEA
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)159Status Report of the WPEC Subgroup 6 Activities, A. D'Angelo, May 1997
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)160Notes on the fringe of the meeting: "Colloguy on Delayed Neutron Data", held in IPPE, Obninsk, Russia, April 1997, A. Filip
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)161SG-8: Minor Actinide Data, Hideki Takano
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)163SG10 Activities on Inelastic Scattering Cross Sections for Fission Product Nuclei, Coordinator: M. Kawai (Toshiba), Monitor: H. Gruppelaar (ECN)
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)165Comments by SG12 Monitor, Pavel Oblozinsky, IAEA, Vienna
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)166NEA Subgroup 12 Progress, Mark B Chadwick, prsented at the NEA WPMA/WPEC Meeting, Cadarache, 14-16 May 1997
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)167Momentum Conservation in Binary Reactions, D.W. Muir, IAEA Nuclear Data Section, Report to the meeting of Subgroup B of WPEC, Cadarache, 15-16 May 1997
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)169Cross-Section Data Library MENDL-2P to Study Activation and Transmutation of Materials Irradiated by Nucleons of Intermediate Energies, Yu N. Shubin, V.P. Lunev, A.Yu Konobeyev, A.I. Dityuk, Obninsk, Russia
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)170Nuclear Data and Activation of Heavy Metal Targets in Accelerator Driven Technology, Yu N. Shubin, A.V. Ignbatyuk, V.P. Lunev, Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk, Russia
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)171Status report of the Project CIS-03-95 "Evaluation of Actinide Nuclear Data" of International Science and Technology Center for NEA/NSC WPEC/WPMA Meeting, Cadarache, 14-16 May 1997, V.M. Maslov
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)172Evaluation of Average Neutron Resonance Parameters of Actinides with the Account of Experimental Resolution and Discriminaiton Threshold, Yu V. Porodzinskij, E.Sh. Sukhovitskij, V.M. Maslov, Radiation Physics and Chemistry Problems Institute, Minsk-Sosny, Belarus
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1997)173On the Contradiction between Microscopic and Macroscopic Data for U235 Fission Neutron Spectrum at Thermal Energy, N.V. Kornilov, A.B. Kagelenko, K.I. Zolotarev, IPPE, Obninsk, Russia