Overview of Physics Aspects of Different Transmutation Concepts


The proposed nuclear reactor-based transmutation concepts are summarized in this report, based on reply to the request of information on proposed concept to about 30 specialist working for transmutation in the United States of America, European countries, Russia and Japan. The task force reviewed the concepts, and followings were recommended for tasks of Phase-II;

  1. Benchmarks for a set of common transmutation system model on calculation methods.
  2. Effect of transmutation rate on radiotoxicity reduction.
  3. Safety features of transmutation systems, and
  4. Nuclear data of transmuation nuclides.

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. R&D Programs on Partitioning and/or Transmutation
2.1 R&D Programs and Their Principal Objectives
2.2 Nuclear Fuel Cycle Consideration on Partitioning and Transmutation

3. The Activities of NEA on Transmutation
3.1 Activities of the NSC and Data Bank
3.2 Activities of the NSD

4. Proposed Transmutation Concepts
4.1 Thermal Reactors
4.2 Fast Reactors
4.3 Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Systems

5. Transmutation Capability of Proposed Concepts
5.1 Thermal Reactors
5.2 Fast Reactors
5.3 Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Systems

6. Calculational Methods
6.1 Thermal and Fast Reactors
6.2 Accelerator-Driven Systems
6.3 Used Calculation Methods for proposed concepts

7. Integral Experiments
7.1 Thermal Reactors
7.2 Fast Reactors
7.3 Accelerator-Driven Systems

8. Recommendations and Conclusions