Index to unrestricted Documents for 1993

NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)2Proceedings of the 1992 Symposium on Nuclear Data JAERI, 26th and 27th November 1992 Ref.210 JAERI 1993 T. Nakagawa
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)3Proceedings of a Specialists' Meeting on Evaluation and Processing of Covariance Data Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, 7th-9th October 1992 Edited by M. Wagner March 1993
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)4Report Blind Intercomparison of Nuclear Models for Predicting Charged-Particle Emission Publication NEA, January 1994 S. Cierjacks (KFK) and K. Shibata (NEA) April 1993
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)5Sensitivities of Calculated Cross Sections of Fe-56 to Model Parameters. K. Shibata, OECD/NEA Data Bank, January 1994. (also as GD-94/21) and Publication NEA-233
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)6Requirement for an Evaluated Nuclear Data File for Accelerator-Based Transmutation June 1993 A.J. Koning, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)9Final Specifications: Benchmark 3D LWR Core Transient Benchmark (3DLWRCT) Uncontrolled Withdrawal of Control Rods at Zero Power May 1993 Roger Fraikin (Tractebel), Herbert Finnemann (Siemens)
See NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)10
Computational/Experimental Trends of Control Rod Worth in Large Fast Reactor Decoupled Cores Massimo Salvatores, CEA, Directorate for Nuclear Reactors, Cadarache, France October 1992 M. Salvatores
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)11Annual Report on Nuclear Data Year 1992 June 1993 EUR 15155 EN Published by Central Bureau for Nuclear Measurements Geel (Belgium) Institute for Reference Material & Measurements GEEL (Mr. Hansen)
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)12Classification of Nuclear Rotational States Using Weight Diagrams of the Lie Algebra A2, O. Bersillon, A. Schett
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)15Burnup Credit Criticality Benchmark Phase II-A: Effect of Axial Burnup Profile (Infinite fuel pin array) Makoto Takano (JAERI), Michaele Brady (SNL), Alain Santamarina (CEA) June 1993
See NEA/NSC/DOC(96)1
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)17Progress Report on Nuclear Data Research in the Federal Republic of Germany (INDC(Ger)-037/LN, Juel-2803) <br> Period: April 1st 1992 to March 31st 1993, Published by: Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany, Edited by S.M.Qaim
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)18Proposal for a Benchmark Configuration of a Pu-Burner Fast Reactor (600 MWe) J.C. Garnier (CEA), T. Ikegami (PNC) Cadarache, 25 November 1993 (revision 1)
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)19Benchmark Specification for Plutonium Recycling in PWRs A) Benchmark with Dirty Plutonium B) Benchmark with better Plutonium Vector J. Vergnes (EDF), H.W. Wiese (KFK), G.Schlosser (KWU) Coordinator: H. Kuesters (KFK)
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)22Burnup Credit Criticality Benchmark Final Results of Phase 1A January 1994 JAERI-M-94-003 Makoto TAKANO (JAERI)
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)23Summary Record of the NSC Meeting on the Burnup Credit Criticality Benchmark, Oak Ridge, TN, 15-17 September 1993 NEA Secretariat
NEA/NSC/DOC(1993)25Results of LWR Core Transient Benchmarks, H. Finnemann and H. Bauer (KWU), A. Galati and R. Martinelli (ENEA Casaccia), October 1993
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)57CSEWG report to the NEANSC Working Group on International Evaluation Cooperation, Aix-en-Provence, France, 16-17 June 1993.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)58Status report EFF/EAF projects; H. Gruppelaar
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)59Status of the JEF project; M. Salvatores and C. Nordborg
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)60International Nuclear Data Committee (INDC), 19th meeting, 8-12 March 1993
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)61A Status Report of Subgroup 1 of the NEANSC Working Group on International Evaluation Cooperation; C.Y. Fu
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)62Report on the progress of Subgroup 2 of the NSC Working Group on Evaluation Cooperation, H. Vonach, Coordinator
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)63Analysis of h measurements for 235U in the thermal neutron energy region; M. Moxon
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)64Status of U-238 Inelastic Scattering Cross Section Evaluation in the Sub-group 4; Y. Kanda
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)65Database for 238U Inelastic Scattering Cross Section Evaluation; Y. Kanda
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)66Comparison of Double-differential Neutron Emission Cross Sections Calculated from Evaluated Nuclear Data Libraries with Experimental Data; T. Fukahori
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)67Nowadays issues of 238U data evaluation; N.V. Kornilov
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)68239Pu Fission Cross Section between 1 keV and 100 keV, Subgroup 5 report; E. Fort
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)69Subgroup 6: Delayed Neutrons, Data evaluation and benchmarking, Status report, June 1993; A. Filip
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)70Report of the First Stage in the Co-ordination of the FLNP/JINR and NEANSC 6th Subgroup Activities in the Delayed Neutron Data Field.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)71NEANSC WG IEC subgroup 7, Multigroup Cross-Section Processing Intercomparison; E. Menapace and R. Roussin
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)72Minor Actinide data (237Np and 241Am); T. Nakagawa
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)73A Proposal of Integral Data Test for Minor Actinide Data (Np-237 and Am-241); H. Takano
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)74High Priority Request List for Data Needs in Future/Advance Reactors; M. Salvatores
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)75SG10: Activities on Inelastic Scattering Cross Sections for Weak Absorbing Fission Product Nuclides; M. Kawai
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)76Direct and Preequilibrium Effects in the Fission Product Mass Range; H. Gruppelaar and A. Hogenbirk
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)77A Status Report of Subgroup 11 of the NEANSC Working Group on International Evaluation Cooperation; D.C. Larson
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)78Nuclear Model Validation; C. Dunford
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)79Comments on Organizing a Subgroup for Intermediate Energy Nuclear Data Evaluation; Y. Kikuchi and T. Fukahori.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)80Summary Record of the 5th Meeting of the NEANSC Working Party on International Evaluation Cooperation; Aix-en-Provence, France, 16th and 17th June 1993.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)81CSEWG Report to the NEANSC Working Group on International Evaluation Cooperation; R. Roussin
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)82The Current Status of CENDL-2; Liu Tingjin
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)83Present Status of JENDL Project; Y. Kikuchi
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)84Status Report of JAERI/NDC and JNDC; Y. Kikuchi
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)85JENDL-3 Revision-2 - JENDL-3.2 -; Y. Kikuchi
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)86Benchmark tests of JENDL-3.2 for thermal and Fast Reactors; H. Takano
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)87JENDL Special Purpose Files; T. Nakagawa
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1993)88Current Status of Russian Evaluated Neutron Data Libraries; A.I. Blokhin

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