Index to unrestricted Documents for 1990

NEA/NEACRP/L(1990)323Status of Delayed Neutron Data, 1990<br>J. Blachot, M.C. Brady, A. Filip, R.W. Mills, D.R. Weaver<br>Published by OECD/ NEA<br>Also as NEANDC-299U
NEA/NEACRP/L(1990)324NEACRP Thermal Fission Product Benchmark<br>September 1989<br>M.J. Halsall, C.G. Taubman
NEA/NEACRP/L(1990)325Analysis of the Results of the OECD/NEA Fuel Dissolver Benchmark No. 19 through Neutron Balance Evaluation of International Criticality Calculations<br>December 1990<br>A. Santamarina, H. Smith (CEA)
NEA/NEACRP/L(1990)326Standard Problem Exercise on Criticality Codes for Spent LWR Fuel Transport Containers.<br>(Unrestricted in June 1990)<br>(Formerly restricted CSNI Report No. 71) May 1982<br>CSNI Working Group
NEA/NEACRP/L(1990)327Standard Problem Exercise on Criticality Codes for Large Arrays of Packages of Fissile Materials.<br>(Unrestricted in June 1990)<br>(Formerly Restricted CSNI Report No. 78) August 1984<br>CSNI Working Group
NEA/NEACRP/L(1990)328NRF Benchmark Problem 1980, Specifications and Results of Finland<br>November 1980<br>R. Kyrki, VTT
NEA/NEACRP/L(1990)329Results of Finland for NRF Benchmark Problem 1980 with Modified Gas Gap Conductivity<br>R. Kyrki-Rajamaki, (VTT)
NEA/NEACRP/L(1990)330Final Report on the 3-D Neutron Transport Benchmarks<br>T. Takeda, H. Ikeda Osaka University
NEA/NEACRP/L(1990)331NEACRP Comparison of Codes for the Radiation Protection Assessment of Transportation Packages : Solutions to Problems 1-4<br>A.F. Avery, H.F. Locke, AEAT Winfrith<br>Issued March 92<br>1991
NEA/NEACRP/L(1990)332Summary Record of 33rd NEACRP Meeting (Technical Sessions)<br>OECD/NEA Paris, 15-19 October 1990<br>R. Martinelli
NEA/NEANDC(1990)292/USummary of the technical sessions of the 28th meeting of NEANDC, Harwell, UK, March 1990.
NEA/NEANDC(1990)297/UNEANDC Interlaboratory Working Group for Fusion Activation Cross Section Data, (Blind intercomparison of nuclear model cross section calculations Co-60).
NEA/NEANDC(1990)298/UInternational Nuclear Model Code Comparison Study of Hauser-Feshbach Calculations, P.E.Hodgson, E. Sartori, K. Shibata.
NEA/NEANDC(1990)299/UStatus of Delayed Neutron Data - 1990; J. Blachot, M.C. Brady, A. Filip, R.W. Mills, D.R. Weaver. Also as NEACRP-L-323.
NEA/NEANDC(1990)300/UReview of Fission Product Yields and Delayed Neutron Data for the Actinides Np-237, Pu-242, Am-242m, Am-243, Cm-243 and Cm-245; R.W. Mills.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1990)7Letter from C.Y. Fu and D.C. Larson to members of Subgroup 1, 22nd May 1990.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1990)8Report on the Initiation of SWG2 on the Generation of Covariance Files for Fe-56 and Natural Fe, April 1990; H. Gruppelaar (NFA-FUS-90-03).
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1990)10238U Capture and Inelastic Scattering Cross Sections, Progress report on the sub-group 1.4, 17th April 1990; Y. Kanda, Y. Kikuchi.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1990)13Proposal from R.W. Roussin for setting up of a subgroup on "Multigroup Cross-Section Processing", 16th April 1990.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1990)14Summary Record of the Second Meeting of the Working Group on International Evaluation Cooperation, Marseille, France, 30th April and 1st May 1990.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1990)15Report on the Meeting of Subgroup 1 of the NEACRP/NEANDC Evaluation Cooperation: Intercomparison of cross sections for 52Cr, 56Fe, and 58Ni in the JENDL-3, JEF-2/EFF-2, and ENDF/B-VI evaluations, held at the NEA Data Bank on December 3, 1990.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1990)16Report from the subgroup 3 "Actinide data in the thermal energy range" meeting held on December 3, 1990 at the NEA Data Bank.
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(1990)17Minutes of Meeting of sub-group 5: "239Pu Fission Cross Sections between 1 keV and 100 keV", December 4, 1990.