Index to unrestricted Documents for 1987

NEA/NEACRP/L(1987)300Final Report on the International Comparison of Calculations for the CADENZA Assemblies. The Pin-Plate Benchmark. AEE Winfrith.<br>M.J. Grimstone, J.L. Rowlands, J.M. Stevenson<br>August 1987
NEA/NEACRP/L(1987)301Summary Record of the Thirtieth NEACRP Meeting.<br>J.M. Stevenson<br>September 1987
NEA/NEACRP/L(1987)302Proceedings of a Specialists' Meeting on Data for Decay Heat<br>Predictions.<br>Studsvik, Sweden, 7-10 September 1987, NEANDC-U-245<br>September 1987
NEA/NEACRP/L(1987)303International Comparison Study of Codes Used in Decay Heat Calculations.<br>NEANDC-U-246<br>C. Nordborg, B. Duchemin<br>October 1987