Index of unrestricted Nuclear Science documents for 1983

NEA/NEACRP/L(1983)265Reactor Physics Activities in NEA Member Countries, October 1982 to September 1983
NEA/NEACRP/L(1983)266Technical Sessions of 26th Meeting of NEACRP Committee,<br>Oak Ridge, USA, 17-21 October 1983.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1983)267The Yields and Spectra of Neutrons from Cascade Process in the High Energy Spallation Reaction.<br>K. Tsukada and Y. Nakahara.<br>1984
NEA/NEACRP/L(1983)268Measurements of Tritium Production-Rate Distribution in Simulated Blanket Assemblies at the FNS.<br>H. Maekawa, K. Tsuda, T. Iguchi, Y. Ikeda, Y. Oyama, T. Fukumoto, T. Schi, T. Nakamura.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1983)269Validation of Neutronic Calculations for Distorted Core Configurations arising in Accident Situations of LMFBRs.<br>H. Kuesters.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1983)270Proceedings of the NEACRP Specialists' Meeting on the "NEACRP LMFBR Benchmark Calculation Intercomparison for Fuel Burn-Up",<br>Cadarache, 28-30 April 1982.<br>C. Palmiotti, M. Salvatores.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1983)271International Comparison Calculations for a BWR Lattice with Adjacent Gadolinium Pins.<br>C. Maeder, P. Wydler.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1983)272The Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor (APWE) - A Complementary System to the Closed Fuel Cycle.<br>B. Kuczera.
NEA/NEANDC(1983)177/UInternational Nuclear Model and Code Comparison on Preequilibrium Model Effects, H. Gruppelaar, J.A.J. van der Kamp, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation, ECN Petten, the Netherlands, and P. Nagel, NEA Data Bank.