Index of unrestricted Nuclear Science documents for 1979

NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)232Determination of Pu accumulated in Irradiated fuels by non-destructive isotopic correlation technique<br>H. Tsuruta, T. Suzaki, S. Matsuura, 1979
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)233Long term uranium demand and supply in Canada<br>M.F. Duret
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)234Etudes de correlations isotopiques pour des applications aux fonctionnements des reacteurs et des usines de retraitement<br>M. Darrouzet, A. Giacometti
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)235Work on gamma thermometer in CEA<br>A. Bonnemay et Al.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)236The experimental results from CRISTO qualification of the predicted criticality of fuel storages<br>C. Golinelli et Al.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)237Critically analysis for storage and shipping of nuclear fuel elements outside of reactors<br>G. Ermumcu et Al.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)238Neutronic characteristics of 1200 MWe fuelled with (Th02 - 233U)02
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)239Preliminary study of the sub-assembly reshuffling in fast breeders<br>J.C. Cabrillat
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)240KEMA: Calculations for compact storage racks for PWR fuel<br>W.J. Oosterkamp
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)241An appraisal of the NEA Collaborative programme of uncertainty analysis and shielding benchmark experiments<br>J. Butler and H. Rief<br>October 1979
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)242Technical Sessions of the 22nd Meeting of the Committee (Paris)<br>1st - 5th October 1979
NEA/NEACRP/L(1979)243LMFBR Intercomparison Benchmark Report
NEA/NEANDC(1979)118/LNuclear Model Code Comparison
NEA/NEANDC(1979)125/USummary of the technical sessions of the 21st meeting of the NEANDC in Geel, Belgium in September 1979