Index of unrestricted Nuclear Science documents for 1975

NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)121The NEA/Euratom Restricted Meeting of Specialists on Shielding Benchmark Experiments held at AEE, Winfrith; April 1975; Summary Report prepared for the NEA-CRP Meeting to be held at Bologna<br>Butler, J. and McCraken, A.K.<br>9th-13th June 1975
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)122Breeding Performing of Carbide and Nitride Fuels in 5000 MWth LMFBRs
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)123Measurement of the Breeding Ratio and Its Components in ZPPR Assembly 4 Phase I
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)124ZPPR Assembly 3 Control Rod Worth Measurements<br>Simons, G.G.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)125Streaming and Leakage Problems in Fast Reactors<br>Langlet, G. and Khairallah, A.<br>6th June 1975
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)127Neutron Streaming in Fast Critical Assemblies<br>Wade, D.C. and Gelbard, E.M.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)128Analysis of Measurements in the Null Reactivity Zone in ZPR-9/25 and Comparisons with the SCHERZO 556 Medium
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)129Comparison of Reaction Rate Ratio Measurements in ZPPR and in ZEBRA Assembly 12 (MZB)<br>Collins, P.J. and Beck, C.L.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)130Time-Dependent Generalized Perturbation Methods for Burn-Up Analysis<br>Gandini, A.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)131Assessment Studies for Actinides Waste<br>Schmidt, E.<br>June 1975
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)132Actinide Fission Rate Measurements in ZEBRA 14<br>Sweet, D.W.<br>4th June 1975
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)133Cycle Design and Fuel Management for a PWR
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)134The IBUS2-SELMA2 Fuel Management System (Risoe Report No. 310)<br>Weber, S.<br>September 1974
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)135Nuclear Blanket and Shielding Problems in Demonstration Fusion Reactors<br>Casini, G. and Cuniberti, R.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)136Analysis of Fission Ratio Distribution in Spherical Lithium Metal Assembly with a Graphite Reflector<br>Seki, Y., Maekaa, H., Moriyama, M., Hiraoka, T. and Hirota, J.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)137Calculation of Observable Streaming Effects in GCFR Lattices<br>McCombie, C.<br>June 1975
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)1382D IAEA Benchmark Problem (DAEK-RP-3-75)<br>Misfeldt, I.<br>4th June 1975
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)1393D IAEA Benchmark Problem 2nd Order FEM Calculation (DAEK-RP-4-75)<br>Misfeldt, I.<br>4th June 1975
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)140Fission-Neutron Spectra: Brief Review and Status of the Long-Standing Inconsistencies between Differential and Integral Data<br>Fabry, A.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)141Experimental Determination of Integral Capture Cross-Sections of Structural Materials in Fast Spectra, Progress Report to April 1975<br>Tassan, S.<br>15th May 1975
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)1423D IAEA Benchmark Problem 3rd Order FEM Calculation (DAEK-RP-5-75)<br>Misfeldt, I.<br>6th June 1975
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)143A Fuel Management Study and Cycle Nuclear Design for PWR Reactors<br>Minguez E. et Al.
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)149Investigation of the Accuracy of Counterpoint, Cornerpoint and Finite Element Methods of the Diffusion Equation<br>G.K. Kristiansen
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)150Summary Report on the Specialists Meeting on Sensitivity Studies and Shielding Benchmarks<br>October 1975
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)151PWR Benchmark Specifications<br>Hehn & Koban
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)152Fast Reactor Shielding Benchmark<br>J.Y. Barre
NEA/NEACRP/L(1975)153Technical Minutes of 18th Meeting of the Committee Bologna (Italy)<br>9 - 13 June 1975
NEA/NEANDC(1975)101/U7th Biennial Report on the Activities of the Europe-American Nuclear Data Committee (EANDC), J.S. Story and H. Conde (in English)
NEA/NEANDC(1975)103/USummary of the technical sessions of the 18th Meeting of NEANDC held at Harwell, UK, March 1975.