Symposium on Recycling of Metals arising from Operation
and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities

Studsvik in Nyköping, Sweden
8-10 April 2014

Main documents

List of Participants
Rapporteur's report
by Dan Myerscough – Studsvik (Studsvik 2014 Symposium Report)

Symposium opening

by Arne Larsson, Studsvik Nuclear AB
by Michael Mononen, CEO Studsvik AB
Symposium information
by Anders Appelgren, Studsvik Nuclear AB

Invited presentations

O-1 Overview of the IAEA supported decommissioning and waste management activities
by Vladimir Michal (presenter), Vladan Ljubenov (IAEA)
O-2 Clearance, reuse, recycle disposal as VLLW
by Claudio Pescatore, (NEA)
O-3 Management of materials from the decommissioning of nuclear reactors
by Georg Braehler (WNA)

Session A – Regulations and recommendations

Session Chair: Maria Lindberg (Studsvik Nuclear AB)
A-1 Clearance and recycling – how can radiation protection and application of the waste hierarchy be optimized?
by Henrik Efraimsson, Anders Wievert, Simon Carroll (SSM)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
A-2 Regulatory aspects of clearance and recycling of metallic material forming part of buildings of nuclear facilities in Germany
by Stefan Thierfeld, Stefan Wörlen, Philip Harding (Brenk Systemplanung GmbH)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
A-3 Example of establishing the recycling of scrap metal as a waste management option within German regulations
by Matthias Bodenstein, Johannes, Delfs, (TÜV NORD SysTec GmbH & Co KG),
Olivier Karschnick (Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas of Schleswig-Holstein)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
A-4 Application of regulation for recycling metals arising from decommissioning of an Italian nuclear facility
by Giovanni Varasano, Lenardo Baldassarre (presenter), Edoardo Petagna (Sogin S.p.A.)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
A-5 Suspension on release of uncontaminated scrap from DOE radiological areas - Current status and strategies for management
by Richard Meehan , Xavier Ascano (U.S. DOE)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Session B – Minimising waste amounts taking benefit of characterisation and categorisation

Session Chair: Hakan Lorensz (Barsebäck Kraft AB)
B-1 Clearance of materials, some experience from the UK
by Pete Burgess (Nuvia Ted); Alan Fisher (RSRL Ltd)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
B-2 Impact of metals recycling on a Swedish BWR decommissioning project
by Arne Larsson, Per Lidar, Gunnar Hedin, Niklas Bergh (NDCON)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
B-3 Management of metal arising form an Italian nuclear facility; techniques for clearance and unconditional release
by Leonardo Baldassarre (presenter), Giovanni Varasano, Salvatore Gaetano Bruno (Sogin S.p.A.)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
B-4 Characterisation of contaminated metals using an advanced statistical toolbox
by Per Lidar, Arne Larsson (Studsvik Nuclear AB, Sweden) and Yvon Desnoyers (Geovariances, France)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Session C – Decontamination and melting of metal for clearance, reuse of volume reduction

Session Chair: Gunnar Hedin (Westinghouse)
C-1 Technical possibilities to support separation of radioactive elements from metallic waste
by Johan Bjorkwall, Guozho Ye (presenter), (Swerea MEFOS AB); Maria Lindberg (Studsvik Nuclear AB)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
C-2 Laser decontamination of metallic
by Fabrice Moggia, L. Objois, V. Toulemonde (AREVA)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
C-3 Nuclide distribution in the metal recycling process
by Per Lidar (presenter), Maria Lindberg, Patrik Konnéus, Arne Larsson (Studsvik Nuclear AB)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
C-4 Assessment of radioactivity inventory - A key parameter in the clearance for recycling process
by Klas Lundgren (presenter), Arne Larsson (Studsvik Nuclear AB)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Session D – Sustain ability and public acceptance

Session Chair: Britt-Marie Drottz Sjöberg, (Norwegian university of Science and Technology, NTNU)
D-1 The importance of recycling
by Jons-Petter Svensson, (KAABS Nordic AB)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
D-2 Metal recycling in the UK - A decade of developments
by Joe Robinson (Studsvik, UK)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
D-3 Recycling of rare metals from the decommissioning of nuclear facilities
by Frank Charlier, Jan Philipp Dabruck (Aachen University)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
D-4 Considerations for disposition of dry cask storage system materials at end of storage system life
By Rob Howard, Bret vanden Akker (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Session E – Optimization of waste and materials disposition – Policy, strategies and techniques

Session Chair: Claudio Pescatore (NEA)
E-1 Waste management for decommissioning of nuclear power plants - An EPRI decommissioning project report
by Richard McGrath, Richard Reid (EPRI)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
E-2 The legal and policy framework for waste disposition the legal and policy framework for waste disposition
by Jonathan Leech (Dentons UKMEA LLP)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
E-3 Ensuring robust decisions and deployable solutions in UK LLW management
by Matthew Clarke (NDA)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
E-4 Opimisation of waste and materials disposition in France - Policy, strategies, and techniques
by Michel Dutzer (ANDRA)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Session F – Best practice in management of metals for clearance and recycling

Session Chair: Arne Larsson (Studsvik AB)
F-1 Utilisation of external capacities as an integral component of concepts for residues and dismantling using the example of the CARLA plant
by Thomas Kluth (Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
F-2 Gained experiences concerning the treatment of radioactive metal scrap from German NPP's
by Boris Westerwinter, Nieamma Buckanie (GNS mbH)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
F-3 Treatment of Berkeley boilers in Studsvik - Project description and experiences
by Dave Saul, Gavin Davidson (Studsvik, UK) and Bo Wirendal, Bjorn Amcoff (presenter), (Studsvik Nuclear AB)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)
F-4 Some impact of melting scrap for the decommissioning of nuclear power plant stade
by Georg Bacmeister (E.ON)
(abstract), (paper), (presentation)

Poster session

P-1 From non-disposal to disposable, treatment of pyrophoric or gas forming waste forms for disposal
by Carl Osterberg, Maria Lindberg (Studsvik Nuclear AB)
(abstract), (poster)
P-2 Management of zirconium rod claddings with the process of electrochemical breakdown
by Yury Pokhitonov (V.G. Khopin Radium Institute)
(abstract), (paper), (poster)
P-3 Treatment and conditioning of metallic intermediate level waste
by Per Lidar, Tommi Huutniemi, Eva Blank (Studsvik Nuclear AB) and Mattias Elfwing (SKB)
(abstract), (poster)
P-4 RPW in situ segmentation combined with off-site treatment for volume reduction and recycling
by Arne Larsson, Per Lidar (Studsvik Nuclear AB)
(abstract), (poster)
P-5 Set-up for electrochemical decontamination of metal surfaces
by A. Belozub, D. Shafikov, A. Klyushkin, V. Suzdalev, M. Alypyshev (V.G. Kholpin Radium Institute)
(abstract), (poster)
P-6 Foam decontamination of metals
by D. Shafikov, A. Belozub, A. Klyshkin, A. Shafikova (V.B. Khopin Radium Institute)
(abstract), (poster)
P-7 Segmentation and packaging reactor vessel internals
by Joseph Boucau (Westinghouse Electric Belgium S.A.)
(abstract), (poster)
P-8 Decontamination with wet blasting of components in nuclear power station for service or free release
by Per Fagerstrom (Fagerstrome Industrikonsult AB)
(abstract), (poster)
P-9 Proven concepts for LLW metals, Treatment for waste minimisation and recycling
by Bjorn Amcoff, Bo Wirendal (Studsvik Nuclear AB)
(abstract), (poster)
P-10 Metals characterisation by facility characterisation in support of site remediation and decommissioning projects
by Gemma Laurie, Megan Carroll (Sellafield Ltd)
(abstract), (poster)
P-11 Beneficial re-use of metal from decommissioning of power reactors
by Troy Eshleman, Graham Raw, Barry Moloney (EnergySolutions)
(abstract), (poster)

Last reviewed: 21 May 2014