International Conference on Geological Repositories

Continued Engagement and Safe Implementation


OECD Conference Centre
Paris, France

6-9 December 2016

The presentations offered by each of the speakers at the ICGR 2016 are available in PDF format below.


  • Speaker Marc Demulsant in session 2 was replaced by Jean-Marie Gervaise.
  • The second half of session 2 was in the format of a panel discussion and did not contain presentations.
  • Session 6 did not contain any presentations.
Wednesday, 7 December
Session 1a Jean-Paul Minon, NEA RWMC Chair – Status of National Geological Disposal Projects
  Thomas Ernst, CEO, Nagra, Switzerland – Radioactive Waste Management in Switzerland: Progress since ICGR 2012
  Bruce McKirdy, Managing Director and Executive Director, UK Radioactive Waste Management (UK RWM) – Perspectives from the UK
  Christi Leigh, Manager, US Sandia National Laboratories Repository Investigations – Perspectives on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Site
  Christopher Eckerberg, President, Svensk Kärnbränslehantering (SKB) – Perspectives from Sweden
Session 1b Robert Watts, Associate Vice-President, Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO), Canada – Addressing Social Considerations in Canada
  Shunsuke Kondo, President, Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan (NUMO) – The Political Dimension of Radioactive Waste Disposal in Japan
  Andrew Griffith, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fuel Cycle Technologies, US Department of Energy – Scientific and Technical Challenges in Preparing for Design
  Olivier Giraud, Head of High Level Waste Industrial Projects, France EDF DP2D – Expectations of a Radioactive Waste Producer
  Jussi Heinonen, Director, Finland Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
Session 2 Frédéric Plas, Andra – Overview of Cigéo, History and Current Status
  Frédéric Launeau, Andra – Cigéo's Core Components
  Marc Demulsant, Préfecture de la Meuse – Cigéo and the Host Territory Development
Thursday, 8 December
Session 3a Jo-Ann Facella, Vice-chair, Forum on Stakeholder Confidence – Recent Learnings from the Nuclear Energy Agency's Forum on Stakeholder Confidence
  Haidy Tadros, Director-General, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission – Stakeholder Involvement in Canadian Initiatives for Deep Geological Repositories for the Long-term Management of Radioactive Wastes
  Gabriella Honti, Head of the Communication Department, PURAM – Implementer Perspectives in Hungary: Lessons Learnt from Stakeholder Involvement
  Stéphane Martin, Mayor, Gondrecourt-le-Château – Local Dialogues concerning Cigéo
Sesssion 3b Ladislav Havlíček, Head, Fuel Cycle Strategy and Services, ČEZ (Waste Producer) – The Viewpoint and Experience of the Waste Producer
  Lisa Thompson, Member of Provincial Parliament for Huron-Bruce (Government representative) – Engaging communities – Why It Is a Must
  Janne Mokka, President, Posiva (Implementer) – Spent Fuel Final Disposal Program from Planning to Closure of the Repository: Long-term Commitment from All the Stakeholders
  Scott Moore, Deputy Director, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Regulator) – Stakeholder Communications During Pre-Licensing: US Perspectives
  Jacob Spangenberg, Mayor, Chairman of the Executive Board of Östhammar Municipality (Local community representative) – Empowerment of Local Government – A Precondition for a Successful Siting Process
Session 4 Gloria Kwong, NEA Radioactive Waste Technical Specialist – NEA Work of the IGSC, Records, Knowledge and Memory (RK&M), Reversibility and Retrievability Project
  Wolfgang Weiss, International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) – Defining/Discussing Radiation Safety Criteria
  Andrew Orrell, Section Head at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Waste and Environmental Safety – IAEA Safety Standards
  Christophe Davies, European Commission – Overview of EC Activities
  Monica Hammarström, IGD-TP – Activities Supporting Safety Demonstration
  Thomas Ernst, Chair, EDRAM – The Added Value of Co-operation: International Association for Environmentally Safe Disposal of Radioactive Materials (EDRAM)
Session 5 Patrick Landais, Andra – Stocktaking

Last reviewed: 20 December 2016