Fifth OECD/NEA Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation

SCK-CEN, Mol, Belgium
25-27 November 1998

The proceedings of the Fifth Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation are recently published and are free upon request from

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Table of Contents


Executive Summary

Session I: Opening Remarks and Introductory Papers
Chairman: L.H. Baetslé, co-chairman: B. Boullis

Summary of Session I

Welcome Address
P. Govaerts

Opening Remarks
E. Bertel

IAEA's Activities in P&T
V. Arkhipov, M.J. Crijns

The EU Research Activities on Partitioning and Transmutation: from the 4th to the 5th Framework Programme
M. Hugon

Recent Topics in the field of Radioactive Waste Management in Japan
Y. Chihara

Newpart: a European Research Programme for Minor Actinide Partitioning
C. Madic, M.J. Hudson, J.O. Liljenzin, J.P. Glatz, R. Nannicini, A. Facchini, Z. Kolarik, R. Odoj

R&D Strategy for Partitioning & Transmutation under OMEGA Programme and Neutron Science Project of JAERI
T. Mukaiyama, H. Takano, M. Kubota, T. Ogawa, Y. Suzuki

Advanced Options for Transmutation Strategies
M. Salvatores

R&D Activities on Partitioning in Russia
V.N. Romanovsky

Status and Assessment Report on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation
L.H. Baetslé, T. Wakabayashi, S. Sakurai

Session II: Partitioning
Chairman: C. Madic, Co-chairman: Z. Kolarik

Summary of Session II

A New Reprocessing System Composed of PUREX and TRUEX Processes for Total Separation of Long-Lived Radionuclides
M. Ozawa, Y. Sano, K. Nomura, Y. Koma, M. Takanashi

Separation of Minor Actinides from Genuine HLLW using the DIAMEX Process
O. Courson, R. Malmbeck, G. Pagliosa, K. Römer, B. Sätmark, J.P. Glatz, P. Baron, C. Madic

Development of the Four Group Partitioning Process at JAERI
M. Kubota, Y. Morita, I. Yamaguchi, I. Yamagishi, T. Fujiwara, M. Watanabe, K. Mizoguch, R. Tatsugae

Actinides(III)-Lanthanides Group Separation from Nitric Acid Using New Aromatic Diorganyldithiosphinic Acids
G. Modolo, R. Odoj

Inactive DIAMEX Test with the Optimized Extraction Agent DMDOHEMA
I. bisel, C. Nicol, M.C. Charbonnel, P. Blanc, P. Baron, F. Belnet

The Development of the SESAME Process
L. Donnet, J.M. Adnet, N. Faure, P. Bros, Ph. Brossard, F. Josso

Estimation of Material Balance in Pyrometallurgical Partitioning Process for TRUs from HLLW
K. Kinoshita, M. Kurata, K. Uozumi, T. Inoue

Molten Salt Reactor Technology for Partitioning and Transmutation and Harmonisation of the Future Nuclear Fuel Cycle
V.V. Ignatiev, K. Grebenkine, S.A. Konakov, S.A. Subbotine, R.Y. Zakirov

An Experience on Dry Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing in the Czech Republic
J. Uhlir

Session III: Fuel and Target Fabrication and Cross-Section Data
Chairman: S. Pilate, Co-chairman: R.J. Konings

Summary of Session III

Feasibility of the Fabrication of Americium Targets
D. Haas, J. Somers, A. Renard, A. La Fuente

Transmutation of Americium and Technetium: Recent Progress of EFFTRA
R.J.M. Konings, R. Conrad, D. Haas, G. Mühling, J. Rouault, G. Vambenepe

Recent Progress of Research on Nitride Fuel Cycle in JAERI
Y. Suzuki, T. Ogawa, T. Mukaiyama

Preparation and Characterisation of Technetium Metal and Technetium-Ruthenium Alloys
K. Minato, Y. Shirasu

Transmutation Studies of Minor Actinides in High Intensity Neutron Fluxes
G. Fioni, T. Bolognese, M. Cribier, F. Marie, S. Röttger, H. Faust, P. Leconte

The Investigation of the Total Neutron Cross Section of 237Np
V. Gressier, F. Gunsing, A. Leprêtre, A. Brusegan, K. Burkholz, Z. Hudson, E. Macavero, P. Ribon, P. Siegler

Experimental Measurements of 99Tc and 129I Transmutation in TARC at CERN
E. González on behalf of the TARC collaboration

The Neutron Capture and Total Cross Section of 99Tc in the Resonance Region
C. Raepsaet, F. Corvi, A. Leprêtre, C. Bastian, J. Gonzalez, E. Macavero, A. Brusegan, F. Gunsing, C. Mounier

Session IV: Reactor Irradiations and Comparison with ADS
Chairman: T. Wakabayashi, Co-chairman: H. Mouney

Summary of Session IV

Transmutation of Americium and Curium: Review of Solutions and Impacts
M. Delpech, J. Tommasi, A. Zaetta, M. Salvatores, H. Mouney, G. Vambenepe

Calculation and Experimental Studies on Minor Actinides Reactor Transmutation
A. Kotchetkov, I. Krivitskiy, N. Rabotnov, A. Tsiboulia, S. Iougai

Recycling Schemes of Americium Targets in PWR/MOX Cores
Th. Maldague, S. Pilate, A. Renard, A. Harislur, H. Mouney, M. Rome

Minor Actinide Desctruction in Dedicated Reactors
J. Tommasi, S. Massara, S. Pillon, M. Rome

Status of Transmutation Studies in a Fast Reactor at JNC
T. Wakabayashi

Mass Balance of the Pu and Minor Actinides Recycling Metal Fuel System
T. Yokoo, T. Inoue

A Comparison of Some Neutronics Characteristics of Critical Reactors and Accelerator Driven Subcritical Systems
C.H.M. Broeders

Comparison Study of Hybrid versus Critical Systems in Point Kinetics
G. Ritter, J. Tommasi, I. Slessarev, M. Salvatores, H. Mouney, J. Vergnes

Limitations on Transmutation Performance due to Reactivity Constraints in Accelerator Driven Systems
J.M. Martínez-Val, J.M. Perlado, E. Mínguez, M. Piera, A. Oda

Session V: Accelerator Driven Transmutation
Chairman: T. Mukaiyama, Co-chairman: M. Delpech

Summary of Session V

Highlight of OECD/NEA Worksop on "Utilisation and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators"
N. Watanabe, Y. Oyama, T. Mukaiyama

Studies on Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Systems
T. Takizuka, T. Sasa, K. Tsujimoto, H. Takano

Reactor Physics Analysis of Hybrid Systems
H. Mouney, G. ritter, M. Salvatores, I. Slessarev, M. Valade, G. Youinou, J. Vergnes, J. Tommasi, P. anzieu, O. Köberl, D. Verrier, B. Carluec

A First Evaluation of the FEA
A. Buccafurni, A. Orazi

Performance on Actinide Transmutation of Lead-Thorium Based ADS
R. Fernández, M. Embid, J. García-Sanz, E. González

Achievable Transmutation Rates for TRUs and LLFPs in MYRRHA
H. Aït Abderrahim, E. Malambu, D. De Maeyer, J.L. Bellefontaine, Ch. De Raedt

The Czech National R&D Program of Nuclear Incineration of PWR Spent Fuel in a Transmuter with Liquid Fuel
M . Hron

The Effectiveness of Fast and Thermal Spectrum for TRU Incineration in Subcritical System
W.S. Park, H.J. Sim

Session VI: Long Term Radiological Impact and Conclusion
Chairman: M. Hugon, Co-chairman: A.G. Duncan

Long-Term Environmental Impact of Underground Disposal of P&T Waste
G. Volckaert, D. Mallants, R. Bush, L. Lambers

Thorium Cycle as a Waste Management Options
H. Gruppelaar, J.P. Shapira, B. Fourrest, A.F. Renard, P.W. Phlippen, G. Modolo, J. Tommasi, P.A. Landeyro, J. Magill

Poster Session: Partitioning and Accelerator Driven Transmutation

Extraction of Am(III) and Eu(III) by 2,6-Di(5,6-dialkyl-1,2,4-triazin-3-yl)pyridines
Z. Kolarik, U. Müllich

New Molecules for An(III)/Ln(III) Separation by Liquid Liquid Extraction
P.Y. Cordier, C. Hill, C. Madic, Z. Kolarik

Synergistic Systems Using Polypyridines and Carboxylic Acids for the An(III)/Ln(III) Separation
P.Y. Cordier, C. Madic, J.O. Liljenzin, P.B. Iveson, M.J. Hudson

Synergistic "Ac(III)/Ln(III)" Separation with Dithiophosphinic Extractants and Related MLCT Phenomena
C. Hill, C. Madic, G. Modolo

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Polypyridines with Lanthanides
P. Guilbaud, J.P. Dognon

Theoretical and Experimental Structural Studies of the Extraction of Actinides and Lanthanides by Tridentate Nitrogen Ligands Containing 1,2,4-Trizines or 1,2,4-Triazoles
M.G.B. Drew, M.J. Hudson, P.B. Iveson, M.L. Russell, C. Madic

Theoretical and Experimental Structural Studies of the Extraction of Actinides and Lanthanides by the Tridentate Nitrogen Ligand 4-Amino, 2,6-Dipyrdyl Triazine (ADPTZ)
M.G.B. Drew, M.J. Hudson, P.B. Iveson, M.L. Russell, C. Madic

Oxidation of Americium in Nitric Media: a Mechanistical Study
D. Chartier, L. Donnet, S. Picart, J.M. Adnet

Selective Extraction of Ce(IV) as a First Step of the SESAME Process
N. Faure, L. Donnet, J.M. Adnet

Decomposition of Oxalate Precipitates by Photochemical Reaction
J.H. Yoo, E.H. Kim

Systematic Uncertainties on Monte Carlo Simulation of Lead Based ADS
M. Embid, R. Fernández, J.M. García-Sanz, E. González

MCB: a Continuous Energy Monte Carlo Burnup Simulation Code
J. Cetnar, J. Wallenius, W. Gudowski

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