Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning & Transmutation

Eighth Information Exchange Meeting

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 9-11 November 2004

Session IV: Transmutation; General

Chaired by Frédérique Varaine (CEA, France) and Massimo Salvatores (CEA, France)

Session Summary

Phenix: The Irradiation Programme for Transmutation Experiments
J. Guidez, P. Chaucheprat, B. Fontaine, E. Brunon, L. Martin, D. Warin, A. Zaetta and F. Sudreau

Pebble Bed Reactors for Once Through Nuclear Transmutation
P.T. León, J.M. Martínez-Val, A. Abánades and D. Saphier

An Assessment of Thermal-spectrum Transmutation Systems
C.G. Bathke, M.R. James , E.A. Schneider and S.T. Herring

Water and Lead-Bismuth Experiments: Fluent and Star-CD Simulation
A. Peña, G.A. Esteban and A. Abánades

New Nuclear Data Libraries for Pb and Bi Isotopes
A.J. Koning, M.C. Duijvestijn, S.C. van der Marck, R. Klein Meulekamp and A. Hogenbirk

Russian Programme of the Minor Actinide Nuclear Data Measurements and Evaluation
L.I. Ponomarev

Status of Partitioning and Transmutation in India: Research, Development and Technology
B. Raj

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