Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning & Transmutation

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 9-11 November 2004

Session III: Fuels for Transmutation Devices

Chaired by Jan Wallenius (KTH, Sweden) and Jean-Paul Glatz (ITU, Germany)

Session Summary

Nitride Fuel and Pyrochemical Process Developments for Transmutation of Minor Actinides in JAERI
M. Akabori, K. Minato and Y. Arai

The Preliminary Performance Analysis of the Transmutation Fuel for Hyper
B-O. Lee, -S. Park, Y. Kim and T-Y. Song

Characterisation of Actinide Alloys as Nuclear Transmutation Fuels
J.R. Kennedy, M.J. Lambregts, D.D. Keiser and S.M. Frank

Design Concepts and Process Analysis for Transmuter Fuel Manufacturing
G.F. Mauer

Uranium Free Nitride Fuel Modelling, Fabrication, Characterisation and Irradiation
J. Wallenius

Plutonium and Neptunium Conversion Using Modified Direct Denitration
L.K. Felker, R.J. Vedder, R.R. Brunson and E.D. Collins

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