Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning & Transmutation

Eighth Information Exchange Meeting

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 9-11 November 2004

Session II: Partitioning Technology

Chaired by Jae Hyung Yoo (KAERI, Korea) and Jan Uhlir (NRI, Czech Republic)

Session Summary

Recent Progress in Actinide Partitioning at ITU
J-P. Glatz, S. AboUnited Stateshl, B. Christiansen, R. Malmbeck, M. Ougier, H. Ottmar, J. Serp, D. Serrano-Purroy, T. Inoue, M. Iizuka and M. Kurata

Conversion of Oxide into Metal or Chloride for the Pyrometallurgical Partitioning Process
Y. Sakamura, M. Kurata, T. Usami and T. Inoue

Study of Electrochemical Processes for Separation of the Actinides and Lanthanides in Molten Fluoride Media
R. Zvejskova, K. Chuchvalcova Bimova, F. Lisy and P. Soucek

Processing of Spent TRISO-coated GEN IV Reactor Fuels
B.B. Spencer, C.H. Mattus, G.D. Del Cul, D. Hunt and E.D. Collins

Partitioning of Cesium and Strontium from Dissolved Spent LWR Fuel using a Novel Crown Ether/Calixarene Solvent
J.D. Law, C.L. Riddle, J.D. Baker, C.A. McGrath, D.H. Meikrantz, B.J. Mincher, D.R. Peterman and T.A. Todd

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