Country profile: Czech Republic

Summary figures for 2017

The following information is from the NEA publication Nuclear Energy Data, the annual compilation of official statistics and country reports on nuclear energy in OECD member countries.

Country Number of nuclear power plants connected to the grid Nuclear electricity generation (net TWh) Nuclear percentage of total electricity supply
Czech Republic6 26.8 30.8
OECD Europe127774.421.7
OECD Total3111 856.817.6
NEA Total 352 2 062.6 17.9

Country report

General policy

A parliamentary election was carried out in the Czech Republic, and the elected party, as well as some of the remaining parties, have publicly declared a nuclear-friendly approach.

Nuclear policy

The Ministry of Industry and Trade created three working groups under the Standing Committee for Nuclear Energy. These groups will be responsible for the financial and legal framework, as well as for investment strategies for new builds.

The government of the Czech Republic and the company ČEZ, a. s. are currently analysing the challenges related to possible construction of new nuclear units. These new units could be built at the NPP Dukovany site, while additional new unit(s) could be built at the NPP Temelín site at a later stage.

Nuclear power

In 2017, the State Office for Nuclear Energy approved the long-term operation of NPP Dukovany units 2, 3 and 4. These permissions to operate are not limited in time; however, they include some requirements for further operation (e.g. periodic safety reviews). At NPP Dukovany, a substantial refurbishment of the instrumentation and control (I&C) system was made and a test of the hermetic box fulfilling the function of containment at VVER-440 design was performed.

NPP Temelín reached a new record in annual generation of electricity, with 16.45 TWh, which is more than the previous record in 2012. However, the increase was mainly caused by a shift of planned outage to the year 2018.

A newly established nuclear energy division responsible for activities related to nuclear energy was created within ČEZ, a. s. During 2017, the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) carried out a corporate peer review mission at ČEZ, a. s. headquarters, and at both NPPs, with two strengths identified as an industry benchmark for other utilities: the development of a design authority function and a corporate communication function.

Source: Nuclear Energy Data 2018