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NEA Nuclear Data High Priority Request List

The NEA Nuclear Data High Priority Request List (HPRL), is a compilation of the most important nuclear data requirements. The purpose of the list is to provide a guide for those planning measurement, nuclear theory and evaluation programmes. The list is maintained by the NEA Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Cooperation (WPEC).

Justification documentation:

WPEC Subgroup 26 Report in PDF format, 6 Mb)


The WPEC and HPRL projects are interested in obtaining feedback from users of this website on a variety of issues including comments on the layout of this website and ease of its use, the content of the nuclear data \ request list and on individual requests. The NEA hopes to keep the request list current and maintain its value to users.

Send feedback to the NEA: hprlinfo@nea.fr

HPRL discussion list: Archive of HPRL feedback and discussion

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