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Expert Group on Advanced Monte Carlo Techniques

Chair(s): Eric DUMONTEIL, France
Secretaries:  Franco MICHEL-SENDIS
Shuichi TSUDA
Member(s):All NEA member countries
Full participant(s): European Commission
Under the NEA Statute
Observer(s)(International Organisation): International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
By agreement
Date of creation:01 September 2010
End of mandate:30 June 2018

Mandate (Document reference):

Mandate (Document extract):

Extract of document  NEA/SEN/NSC/WPNCS(2017)2



Criticality safety practitioners utilise a number of mature Monte Carlo production codes to carry out their work. These computer codes are not static, however, and constantly evolve as computers become ever more powerful and innovative new analysis methods are developed by universities and national laboratories. The transfer of new, innovative Monte Carlo technology into the hands of practitioners is a continuing challenge for the criticality safety community: new methods need to be reviewed in depth for correctness by experts in the field; sufficient quality assurance and verification/validation must be performed to provide a high degree of confidence in new methods; assessment of the potential impact of new methods must be carried out; and practical guidance must be developed and promulgated to practitioners to enable correct and efficient application.

Based on these considerations, the formation of an Expert Group on Advanced Monte Carlo Techniques for criticality safety assessment within the structure of the Working Party on Nuclear Criticality Safety (WPNCS) was proposed at the 12th meeting of WPNCS on September 25, 2009.

The goal of the expert group is to transfer new Monte Carlo technology to criticality safety practitioners.


Under the guidance of the WPNCS, the expert group will perform specific tasks associated with the transfer of new Monte Carlo technology to criticality safety practitioners. These activities will be selected from (but are not limited to) the following list:


The above activities are intended to support and complement the work of other expert groups. A review and assessment of Monte Carlo depletion methods would focus on techniques for correctly performing the Monte Carlo analysis, rather than on the methodology for applying those results to burn-up credit, for example. It is anticipated that there will be significant synergy between this expert group and other established expert groups.