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BIP PROJECT, OECD/NEA Behaviour of Iodine Project

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BIP: OECD/NEA Behaviour of Iodine Project

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BIP PROJECT CSNI2018/01 Arrived 06-MAR-2012

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CSNI2018/01 Many Computers
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The NEA Behaviour of Iodine Project (BIP) has been created to provide separate effects and modelling studies of iodine behaviour in a nuclear reactor containment building following a severe accident. The NEA joint project will complement other national and international experimental programmes which are also studying this phenomenon. As part of the project the results of three radioiodine test facility (RTF) experiments will be provided by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL). AECL's capabilities include experienced personnel and a wide range of facilities and equipment for the study of all aspects of reactor safety. Key facilities include Co-60 irradiators (Gammacells), active laboratories for performing 131I tracer studies, specialised surface science laboratories (capable of working on active or inactive samples) and extensive hot cell facilities. Project participants will seek to combine international resources to produce a consolidated understanding of the behaviour of iodine and other fission products in this scenario.


The specific technical objectives for this project are:

  • quantifying the relative contributions of homogeneous bulk aqueous phase processes, homogeneous aqueous phase processes in paint pores and heterogeneous processes on surfaces to organic iodine formation;

  • measuring adsorption/desorption rate constants on containment surfaces as a function of temperature, relative humidity and carrier-gas composition;

  • providing RTF data to participants, for use in collaborative model development and validation.


The results provided by this project will be useful for regulators and operators in the context of managing post-accident situations in the containment building.


Work during the first part of the project has concentrated on the specifications for the first tests of the test matrix. Within the framework of the OECD BIP Project, the group has successfully performed more than 50 tests dealing with the adsorption of iodine on surfaces and the formation of organic iodides from irradiated paint. The reports are available to participants.


At the end of the project was decided to start a follow-up project, called BIP-2, to address remaining issues concerning organic iodine formation and iodine interaction with paintings


Project participants:
The project is being supported by safety organisations, research laboratories and industry in the following countries: Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Project period: July 2007 to March 2011


The distribution of this package is restricted and subject to prior approval.


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Package ID Status date Status
CSNI2018/01 06-MAR-2012 Masterfiled restricted
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CSNI2018/01, included references:
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Behaviour of Iodine Project (BIP) in Support of Containment and Fission Product
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- Luis E. Herranz, M. Rodriguez:
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Accident Conditions, Annual Meeting SNE, Murcia, 6-8 Oct. 2010
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Joanne BALL, Glenn Glowa, Chris Moore
Chalk River Laboratories
Chalk River, Ontario, K0J 1P0

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- BIP Final Agreement 12 June 2007
- (Folder) BIP Project Reports:
  - BIP Final Summary Report_153-126530-440-015
  - (Sub Folder) Iodine Adsorption Reports:
    - BIP Iodine Adsorption Final Report_153-126530-440-013
    - BIP Iodine Adsorption Year 1 Data Report_153-126530-440-007 Rev. 1
    - BIP Iodine Adsorption Year 2 Data Report_153-126530-440-011
  - (Sub Folder) Organic Iodide Reports:
    - BIP Organic Iodide Final Report_153-126530-440-014
    - BIP Organic Iodide Year 1 Data Report_153-126530-440-006 Rev. 1
    - BIP Organic Iodide Year 2 Data Report_153-126530-440-010
  - (Sub Folder) RTF Reports:
    - 153-126530-440-002 RTF P11T1
    - 153-126530-440-003 RTF Facility Description
    - 153-126530-440-004 RTF P10T2
    - 153-126530-440-005 RTF P10T3
    - 153-126530-440-008 RTF P9T1
    - 153-126530-440-012 RTF P9T2
- (Folder) Data Spreadsheets:
  - BIP Data - Aqueous Adsorption Studies (A Series)
  - BIP Data - Adsorption Measurements (ORG Series)
  - BIP Data - Gas Phase Iodine Speciation (ORG Series)
  - BIP Data - Methyl Iodide Measurements (ORG Series)
  - Dose Rates
  -(Sub Folder) G Series Data Summaries: BIP Test G-1 to G-20 and G-121 Data
- (Folder) Distribution List: BIP_CD_Rom_distribution
- (Folder) Meeting Minutes:
  - BIP_PRG1, PRG2, PRG3, PRG4, PRG5, PRG6 Minutes
  - BIP_PRG7 Minutes_final
  - BIP-Summary-Exp-Mtg-Sept-06
- (Folder) Other Related Reports and Presentations:
  - ANS Presentation - Adsorption Experiments in BIP
  - ANS Presentation - BIP Organic Iodides
  - ANS Summary - BIP Adsorption Rev. 1
  - ANS Summary - BIP Organic Iodide
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  • Y. Integral Experiments Data, Databases, Benchmarks

Keywords: containment, iodine, modelling, separate-effect, severe accident.