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Nuclear Energy and Renewables: System Effects in Low-carbon Electricity Systems

Nuclear Energy Data 2012

Uranium 2011: Resources, Production and Demand (2012)
Executive summary | Synthèse | Краткий обзор

Thermodynamic Sorption Modelling in Support of Radioactive Waste Disposal Safety Cases (2012)

Nuclear Education and Training: From Concern to Capability (2012)

Carbon Pricing, Power Markets and the Competitiveness of Nuclear Power (2011)

Nuclear Energy Data 2011 / Données sur l'énergie nucléaire (2011)

Trends towards Sustainability in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (2011)

Technology and Components of Accelerator-driven Systems - Workshop Proceedings
Karlsruhe, Germany: 15-17 March 2010

Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 86 (December 2010) 

The Security of Energy Supply and the Contribution of Nuclear Energy (2010) 

Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Radioactive Waste Management (2006)

Nuclear Energy Data 2010

Executive Summaries: Chinese | English | French | German | Hungarian | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Russian | Spanish

Nuclear Energy Technology Roadmap

Partnering for Long-term Management of Radioactive Waste PERSPECTIVES DE L’ÉNERGIE NUCLÉAIRE

Projected Costs of Generating Electricity: 2010 Edition PERSPECTIVES DE L’ÉNERGIE NUCLÉAIRE
Executive summary | Synthèse

Radioactive Waste in Perspective (2010) 

Timing of High-level Waste Disposal (2008)

Uranium 2009: Resources, Production and Demand 
Executive summary

The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants (2009) PERSPECTIVES DE L’ÉNERGIE NUCLÉAIRE

Radioactive Waste Management Programmes in OECD/NEA Member Countries (2005)

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