Press release
Paris, 26 August 2003


Just published: Nuclear Energy Today

The NEA announces the publication of a new report Nuclear Energy Today, which aims to provide, in a simple, short and clear style, authoritative and factual information on the main aspects of nuclear energy in today's world. Written for a broad readership, primarily policy makers, as well as interested members of the public, academics, journalists and industry leaders, this publication will contribute to a better understanding of this source of energy.

The complexity of this technology, with its economic, technological and social implications, requires from policy makers and others a particularly careful and well-documented attention to questions such as the safety of nuclear installations, the ultimate disposal of long-lived radioactive waste, nuclear energy's potential to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the economy of the nuclear fuel cycle and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

At a time when many parts of our society are debating how to power the future and whether nuclear energy should play a role, this new publication, abundantly illustrated and documented, will be a valuable tool in the hands of all those with an interest for, or a need to better grasp the challenges and prospects of this energy.

Nuclear Energy Today
OECD, Paris, 2003 – ISBN 92-64-10328

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