Press release
Parus, 8 June 2000


Enhancing safety in the nuclear fuel cycle

Close to 400 participants from around the world gathered in Tokyo, Japan from 29 to 31 May under the auspices of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) to discuss and exchange information on technical and regulatory issues relevant to the safety of the nuclear fuel cycle. The workshop was held at the invitation of the Science and Technology Agency (STA) and the Nuclear Safety Commission (NSC) of Japan and the NEA is most grateful for all of their efforts and those of all the organisations in Japan who contributed to making it a success.

Sessions focused on criticality aspects, safety and regulation of facilities and emergency planning, preparedness and management issues.

Lessons learned from operating experience provided a sound basis for the discussions. Insights gained from the September 1999 JCO incident provided key elements to participants on how to enhance safety in the nuclear fuel cycle.

Among the major conclusions reached during the workshop were:

Co-chairing the workshop were Dr. K. Uematsu, former Director-General of the NEA and Dr. W. Travers, Executive Director for Operations for the USNRC. Dr. Kanagawa, Commissioner of the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan and Mr. Echávarri, Director-General of the NEA provided general remarks during the workshop.

The proceedings of the seminar will be published on 31 January 2001.

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