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Paris, 25 May 2000


Nuclear energy data to 2010 in OECD/NEA countries: Nuclear generation share highest in the OECD Pacific area

Electricity produced from nuclear power stations in OECD/NEA member countries is expected to continue to grow at 0.6% per year from 2 075 Terawatt-hours (TWh) in 1999 to 2 223 TWh in 2010. The nuclear share of electricity generation in the OECD Pacific region (32.2%) is now higher than the corresponding shares in OECD Europe (30.1%) and OECD America (17.8%), reflecting the expansion of nuclear capacity in Japan and Korea. However, for the OECD as a whole, the nuclear share, which stood at 24.2% in 1999, is projected to decline to 21.4% by 2010. Electricity demand is forecast to grow at about 1.7% annually beyond the year 2000.

The total capacity provided by the 348 reactors now installed is 296.2 Gigawatts electrical (GWe). Ten reactors total (10.3 GWe) are reported to be under construction in the Republic of Korea, Japan and the Czech Republic. Another two (2.1 GWe) are reported as firmly committed. The total capacity of OECD/NEA nuclear power plants is projected to be about 309.7 GWe in the year 2005, and 313.5 GWe in 2010, account being taken of a deduction of 22.2 GWe to be taken out of service by 2010. Most of the retirements are expected in the United Kingdom and the United States.

This information is published in the annual survey of developments and projections of nuclear generation, installed capacities and associated fuel cycle services carried out by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). The survey, Nuclear Energy Data, also known as the "Brown Book", is based on official statistics and projections to 2015 submitted by OECD/NEA countries.

Nuclear energy currently represents about 75% of total electricity production in France, 58% in Belgium, 46% in Sweden, 43% in the Republic of Korea, 38% in Hungary, 38% in Japan, 36% in Switzerland, 35% in Germany, 33% in Finland, 29% in Spain, 25% in the United Kingdom, 19% in the United States, 18% in the Czech Republic, 12% in Canada, 6% in Mexico and 4% in the Netherlands.

Nuclear Energy Data
OECD, Paris 2000
ISBN 92-64-05913-X

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