Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 69

Complete issue


The 2002 Amendment to the German Atomic Energy Act Concerning the Phase-Out of Nuclear Power by A. Vorwerk

The Problems Facing Nuclear Power in Japan - Emphasising Law and Regulations by Y. Baba

The US National System for Disposal of High-Level and Transuranic Radioactive Wastes: Legislative History and its Effect on Regulatory Approaches by B. Forinash

La participation de l'industrie nucléaire à l'élaboration de la norme internationale – Approche du phénomène en droit de la radioprotection by O. Lajoinie

Case law


Judgement rejecting an application to prevent construction of a new NPP (2001)

Judgement specifying the law applicable to storage facilities for depleted uranium (2001)

Russian Federation

Supreme Court Decision overturning "exemption" for foreign spent fuel (2002)

United Kingdom

Court of Appeal Judgement on Government decision to allow the start up of a MOX fuel plant (2002)

Judgement on lawfulness of authorisations granted by the Environment Agency (2002)

United States

Kennedy v. Southern California Edison Co. (2001)

International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Ireland v. United Kingdom (2001)

European Court of Human Rights

Balmer-Schafroth & Others v. Switzerland (2001)

Administrative decisions

Parliamentary decision rescinding the shutdown date for Barsebäck-2 (2001)

United States

Decision of the ITC regarding imposition of countervailing and antidumping duties (2002)

Yucca Mountain Site Recommendation (2002)

National legislative and regulatory activities


Reorganisation of the CNEA and the ARN (2001-2002)


Restructuring of Promatomnadzor (2001)


Amendment of the Radiation Protection Act (2000)

General Regulations for the Radiation Protection of the Population, Workers and the Environment (2001)


Law on Radioactive Waste Repositories (2001)


Anti-Terrorism Act (2001)

Czech Republic

Amendment to the Act on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and Ionising Radiation (2001)


Decision establishing the List of Hazardous Nuclides Emitting Ionising Radiation (2000)

Regulations on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Produced by Users of Radioactive Materials (1998)


Decree establishing the General Directorate for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (2002)

Decree establishing the Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (2002)

Amendment of the Decree on the Organisation of the Administration of the Ministry for Industry (2001)

Order on the Organisation of the Ministry of Defence (2001)

Order on the Setting up of an Emergency Alert Procedure around a Major Nuclear Installation which has an Off-Site Emergency Response Plan (2001)

Decree on Export, Import and Transfer Controls over Dual Use Goods and Technologies (2001)

Decree on Treatment by Ionising Radiation of Foodstuffs (2001)


Act on the Phase-Out of Nuclear Power (2002)


Decree Laying Down Basic Standards on Radiation Protection (2000)


Establishment of an Office of Emergency Planning (2001)

European Communities (Drinking Water) Regulations (2000)


Community Law introducing Amendments to Legislative Decrees Nos. 230/95 and 187/2000 (2002)


Governmental Decision to merge JAERI and JNC (2001)


Regulations Implementing the Act on Radiation Safety and Nuclear Safety (2001-2002)

Establishment of the Radiation Safety Centre (2001)

Regulations on Protection against Ionising Radiation in Relation to Medical Exposure (2002)

Regulations on Minimum Insurance of the Civil Liability of the Nuclear Operator (2001)


Law amending Articles 16 and 32 of the Law on Nuclear Energy (2001)

Law amending Articles 1, 2, 48-51 and the Title of Chapter 9 of the Law on Nuclear Energy (2001)

Hygiene Standard on General Norms of Radiation Safety (2001)

Order on Certification of Persons Responsible for Radiation Safety Training of Workers (2001)

Resolution approving the Strategy on Radioactive Waste Management and the Programme of Activities of the Radioactive Waste Management Agency for 2002-2004 (2002)


Law approving an Additional Protocol on the Strengthening of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in order to Detect Clandestine Nuclear Activities (2001)


Official Norm on Installations for the Treatment and Conditioning of Nuclear Waste (2001)


Establishment of new General Inspectorate for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (2002)


Amendments to the Atomic Energy Act (2001)

Regulations establishing the NAEA Statute and a Council for Atomic Affairs (2001)

Regulations on the Physical Protection and on the Accountancy of Nuclear Materials (2001)


Norms on Medical Surveillance of Workers Occupationally Exposed to Ionising Radiation (2001)

Norms on the Transport of Radioactive Materials (2001)

Law on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage (2001)


Decree on Establishment of the Amount of Operator's Limited Liability and the Corresponding Amount of Insurance for Nuclear Damage (2001)


Reorganisation of the Nuclear Safety Council (2000)


Radioactive Waste Management for the Protection of Human Health and Environment Regulations (1999)


Law on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage and its Financial Security (2001)

United Kingdom

Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act (2001)

Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations (2001)

United States

Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Wastes in a Proposed Geologic Repository at Yucca Mountain (2001)

Yucca Mountain Site Suitability Guidelines (2001)

International regulatory activities

International Atomic Energy Agency

Adoption of Action Plan against Nuclear Terrorism (2002)

European Union

Recommendation on the protection of the public against exposure to radon in drinking water (2001)

Amendment to the legislation implementing the Regulation on imports of agricultural products originating in third countries following the Chernobyl accident (2001)

Resolution on the EC Green Paper Towards a European Strategy for the Security of Energy Supply (2001)

International Maritime Organisation

Declaration of Mandatory Nature of the International Code for the Safe Carriage of Packaged Irradiated Nuclear Fuel, Plutonium and High-Level Radioactive Wastes on Board Ships (1999)

Bilateral agreements

Belarus - Ukraine

Agreement on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident (2001)

Croatia - Slovenia

Agreement on Ownership of Krško Nuclear Power Plant (2001)

France - Romania

Arrangement on the Exchange of Information and on Co-operation in the Field of Nuclear Safety (2001)

France - Russian Federation

Agreement on Co-operation on the Safe Disposal of Nuclear Weapons in Russia (1992)

France - United Kingdom

Agreement on the Exchange of Classified Information in the Field of Nuclear Defence (2001)

Latvia - Ukraine

Agreement on Early Notification of Nuclear Accidents (2001)

Romania - Russian Federation / Romania - Slovak Republic

Agreements on Early Notification of Nuclear Accidents (2002)

Russian Federation - Ukraine

Protocol on Co-operation in the field of the Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy (2002)

Multilateral agreements

Second Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Nuclear Safety (2002)

Preparatory Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the 1997 Joint Convention (2001)

Status of Conventions in the Field of Nuclear Energy

Bibliography and news briefs

NEA, INLA, Morocco, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Uruguay

List of correspondents


Romania: Law on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage (2001)

Ukraine: Law on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage and its Financial Security (2001)

Last reviewed: 17 June 2002