Country profile: Czech Republic

Summary figures for 2014

The following information is from the NEA publication Nuclear Energy Data, the annual compilation of official statistics and country reports on nuclear energy in OECD member countries.

Number of nuclear power plants connected to the grid
Nuclear electricity generation
(net TWh) 2014
Nuclear percentage of total electricity supply
Czech Republic
OECD Europe
1 888.0

Country report

The Czech uranium mine Dolni Rozinka shall continue operating with a capacity of 150-200 tU until 2016.

The updated state energy policy has been subjected to a strategic environmental assessment process and is now being discussed in government.

In 2014, both NPPs in the Czech Republic continued in a steady state of operational performance. After the finalised upgrade of four units at the Dukovany NPP to 510 megawatts-electric (MWe) gross each in 2012, an upgrade of the Temelin units began in 2013, which will result in an increase in the capacity of each block to 1 078 MWe gross in 2015.

Since the last report in 2014, the following basic assumptions and changes in projections of the long-term nuclear generation capacities and fuel needs have been incorporated:

These changes will mean that a typical fuel reload on 36 fuel assemblies will be stabilised.

Source: Nuclear Energy Data 2015

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Last reviewed: 21 October 2015