NEA Mandates and Structures

Working Party on Decommissioning and Dismantling (WPDD)

Chair(s): Juan Luis SANTIAGO, Spain
Secretary:  Gloria KWONG
Vice-Chair(s): Michel PIERACCINI, France
Bernd REHS, Germany
Fredrik DE LA GARDIE, Sweden
Anna CLARK, United Kingdom
Peter ORR, United Kingdom
Rateb (boby) ABU-EID, United States
Andrew P. SZILAGYI, United States
Member(s):All NEA member countries
Full participant(s): European Commission
Under the NEA Statute
Observer(s)(International Organisation): International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
By agreement
Date of creation:01 May 2001
End of mandate:31 December 2019

Mandate (Document reference):

Mandate (Document extract):

Extract from document NEA/RWM(2016)1/REV

The remit of the WPDD is as follows:

1. To define, oversee and carry out work programme activities in the field of decommissioning as assigned by the RWMC.

2. To identify and analyse main issues regarding policies and strategies for the decommissioning of obsolete nuclear facilities, including funding related issues, and the attending issues of recycling, reuse and/or disposal of materials and the release of buildings and sites.

3. To observe, on a world-wide level, the development of the state of the art of management and technique of decommissioning projects, and make it better available to other NEA bodies engaged in this crosscutting field, in particular building on the experience from the technical information exchange performed within the CPD.

4. To facilitate multilateral communication and information exchange among the WPDD members, and to promote an open dialogue among peers, in particular the regulatory authorities, R&D institutions and the decommissioning industry both private and public.

5. To keep the WPDD members and the RWMC aware of progress and activities in other international fora and their implications, and help the RWMC participate in international initiatives. Co-ordination with EC and IAEA initiatives is important.

6. In close co-operation with the Forum for Stakeholder Confidence (FSC) examine and further develop the link between decommissioning, decision-making and public confidence and acceptance, keeping in mind the long-time scales for planning and carrying out decommissioning projects.

7. To set up, manage, and make broadly available a database of information on decommissioning in NEA Member countries.

8. To be of service to the other NEA committees with the goal to strengthen overall visibility of decommissioning as a NEA crosscutting activity.