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NEA-1776 IFPE/PRIMO-BD8, Belgonucleaire and SCK-CEN PRIMO Ramped MOX Fuel Rod BD8
NEA-1774 IFPE/FMDP-MOX4-5, Weapons-Derived MOX Fuel DOE FMDP Test Irradiations Capsules 4 & 5, Advanced Test Reactor (ATR)
NEA-1597 IFPE/DEMO-RAMP-I&II, Pellet Clad Interaction Behaviour, Fast Power Ramping
NEA-1724 IFPE/NSRR-FK1-2-3, Behaviour of 3 BWR segments FK-1, FK-2 & FK-3 under RIA test conditions in NSRR
NEA-1595 IFPE/CONTACT R1, PWR Fuel Performance Tests Siloe Reactor
NEA-1710 IFPE/MT4-MT6A-LOCA, Large-break LOCA in-reactor fuel bundle materials tests at NRU
NEA-1777 IFPE/CANDU-IRDMR, In-Reactor Diameter Measuring RIG EXP-FIO-118 and EXP-FIO-119 Fuel Behaviour under LOCA Conditions
NEA-1555 IFPE/INTER-RAMP, Fast Power Ramps Failures of Unpressurised Fuel Rods
NEA-1705 IFPE/CAGR-UOX-SWELL, Fuel swelling Data Obtained from the AGR/Halden Ramp Test Programme
NEA-1685 IFPE/IFA-597.3, centre-line temperature, fission gas release and clad elongation at high burn-up (60-62 MWd/kg)
NEA-1788 IFPE/BN-MOX-M109/D3, Belgonucleaire Beznau-1 PWR irradiated MOX Fuel Rod M109/D3
NEA-1803 IFPE/IFA-585, In-Reactor Creep Behaviour of Zircaloy-2 and Zircaloy-4 under Variable Loading Conditions
NEA-1594 IFPE/AEAT-IMC, Onset Gas Release and Grain Face Venting Rates in Fuels
NEA-1677 IFPE/ZAPOROSHYE-V1K, Zaporoshye VVER1000 fuel behaviour data (4-8 cycles, Burnup about 50 MWd/kgUO2)
NEA-1684 IFPE/IFA-534.14 R1, fission gas release as a function of burnup at high power (52-55 MWd/kg)
NEA-1648 IFPE/TRANS-RAMP, Fuel behaviour data from PWR/BWR TRANS-RAMP I, II, IV experiments
NEA-1778 IFPE/IFA-514/565, LWR MOX Fuel Irradiation Tests - HBWR Irradiation with the Instrument Rig, (JAEA) 6 rods
NEA-1623 IFPE/SPC-RE-GINNA, Full Length and Segmented Fuel Rodlet Irradiation in PWR
NEA-1488 IFPE/IFA-432, Fission Gas Release, Mechanical Interaction BWR Fuel Rods, Halden
NEA-1722 IFPE/ROPE-1, BWR, 4 rods, Ringhals, investigates clad creep-out from Studsvik (1986-1993)
NEA-1697 IFPE/HATAC R1, Fission Gas Release at High Burn-up, Effect of a Power Cycling
NEA-1634 IFPE/RISOE-1, Fission gas release from high-burnup water reactor fuel
NEA-1720 IFPE/FUMEX-II/CASE27, 7 idealised cases for functional dependence of FGR predictions
NEA-1841 IFPE/EXP-BDL-406, performance of natural UO2 fuel irradiated at low linear powers in NRU
NEA-1556 IFPE/OVER-RAMP, Pellet Clad Interaction Failure Analysis, Power Ramps
NEA-1807 IFPE/DEFEX-II DEMO, BWR fuel primary defect and conditions leading to secondary failure of the cladding by hydriding
NEA-1741 IFPE/NOVOVORONEZH, operation factor data of the Novovoronezh VVER-1000 fuel assembly 4108 rods
NEA-1626 IFPE/CNEA-MOX-RAMP, CNEA Power Ramp Irradiations with (PHWR) MOX Fuels
NEA-1766 IFPE/KOLA-3-MIR-RAMP, KOLA-3 MIR test temperature during ramp, FGR and pressure at EOL, Bu up to 55 MWd/kgUO2
NEA-1783 IFPE/CANDU-FIO-131, CANDU experiment FIO-131 Fuel Behaviour under LOCA Conditions
NEA-1862 IFPE/IFA-650.1 & 2, LOCA testing at Halden, Two experiments, IFA-650 series
NEA-1560 IFPE/BR3-HBFRHCP, BR-3 High Burnup Fuel Rod Hot Cell Program
NEA-1772 IFPE/IFA-597-MOX, Hollow and solid MOX rods experiments
NEA-1799 IFPE/AEKI-EDB-E110, Experimental Database of E110 Claddings under Accident Conditions
NEA-1547 IFPE/IFA-562.1, Pellet Surface Roughness Effect on Thermal Performances and PCMI
NEA-1664 IFPE DATABASE, International Fuel Performance Experiments Database
NEA-1738 IFPE/US-PWR-16X16LTA, Lead Test Assembly Extended Burnup Demonstration Program
NEA-1549 IFPE/IFA-533.2, Fuel Thermal Behaviour at High Burnup, Halden Reactor
NEA-1557 IFPE/SUPER-RAMP, PCI Failure Threshold for PWR and BWR Fuels
NEA-1629 IFPE/IFA-508 & 515, PCMI Behaviour of Thin Cladding Rods, JAERI and HRP
NEA-1310 IFPE/SOFIT, WWER-440 Fuel Thermal Performance and Fission Gas Release
NEA-1546 IFPE/IFA-429, Fission Gas Release, Thermal Behaviour U02 Fuel, Halden Reactor
NEA-1493 IFPE/RISOE-3, Fuel Performance Data from 3rd Risoe Fission Gas Release
NEA-1736 IFPE/GBGI, Grain-Bubble Gas Interlinkage
NEA-1696 IFPE/REGATE L10.3, FGR and Fuel Swelling during power transient at medium burn-up (SILOE reactor)
NEA-1599 IFPE/FUMEX-1, Data from OECD Halden Reactor Project for FUMEX-1 (Fuel Modelling at Extended Burnup)
NEA-1645 IFPE/EFE-RO, Experimental Fuel Elements RO89 and RO51 in TRIGA 14 MW Reactor (INR-Pitesti)
NEA-1622 IFPE/OSIRIS R3, 4 PWR Rods Irradiated in the CEA Osiris Reactor
NEA-1806 IFPE/DEFEX, Studsvik DEFEX BWR fuel secondary defect formation as a consequence of primary defects
NEA-1758 IFPE/NFIR-1, Clad creepdown, power history effect on fission product distribution (6 PWR rods 40-64 MWd/kg in BR-3)
NEA-1615 IFPE/CEA-DEFECT FUEL, Experiments Irradiated at CEA Grenoble
NEA-1532 IFPE/KOLA-3, WWER-440 Fuel Performance Data from KOLA-3 NPP, FGR
NEA-1858 IFPE/CANDU-FIO-130, CANDU experiment FIO-130 Fuel Behaviour under LOCA Conditions
NEA-1861 IFPE/IFA-629.1, The Re-irradiation of MIMAS-MOX Fuel in IFA-629.1
NEA-1863 IFPE/BN-MOX-M501/D10, Belgonucleaire Beznau-1 PWR irradiated MOX Fuel Rod M501/D10
NEA-1773 IFPE/IFA-591, JAEA Power Ramp Tests of MOX Fuel Rods IFA-591
NEA-1596 IFPE/AECL-BUNDLE, Fission Gas Release and Burnup Analysis, PHWR Fuel
NEA-1548 IFPE/IFA-535.5&6, Fission Gas Release, Power Ramps, High Burnup Fuel
NEA-1536 IFPE/TRIBULATION R1, Fuel Rod Behaviour at High Burnup
NEA-1860 IFPE/IFA-519.9, Three PWR rods irradiated to 90 MWd/kg UO2
NEA-1809 IFPE/STEED-I, Stored Energy / Enthalpy Determination from Studsvik
NEA-1729 IFPE/IFA-507-TF3-TF5, Database For Transient Temperature Experiment Ifa-507
NEA-1723 IFPE/ROPE-II, PWR rod over pressure experiment from Studsvik
NEA-1510 IFPE/HBEP R1, Battelle's High Burn-Up Effects Programme for Fuel Performance
NEA-1502 IFPE/RISOE-2, Fuel Performance Data from Transient Fission Gas Release
NEA-1625 IFPE/GAIN, Gadolinia Doped UO2 Fuel Behaviour Experiment