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Catalog of Programs in Category H

H. Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow

nesc0326 AIROS-2A, Space-Independent Reactor Kinetics and Space-Dependent Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer
nesc9564 AYER, 2-D Thermal Conduction by Finite Element Method
nea-0683 BLOK, Turbulent Flow in Pipes and Channels with Rectangular Obstruction
nea-1313 BWRDYN, Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of a BWR Plant
nea-1044 BWRPLANT/ZERO, Dynamic Model for BWR Nuclear Plant
nea-0553 CEDRAZAL, Steady-State Heat Transfer in HTR with Multifuel Region
ests0663 CFDLIB, Computational Fluid Dynamics Library
nesc9911 CNVUFAC GRAY, Black-Body Radiation View Factors with Self-Shadowing
nesc9978 COBRA-3C/RERTR, Thermohydraulic Low Pressure Subchannel Transients Analysis
nesc0432 COBRA-4I, Transient Thermohydraulics Fuel Elements Clusters, Subchannel Analysis Method
psr-0614 COBRA-SFS 6.0, Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of Multi-Assembly Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation Systems
ests0135 COBRA-SFS CYCLE3, Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of Spent Fuel Casks
nesc1091 COBRA-SFS, Thermal Hydraulics of Spent Fuel Storage System
nesc0776 COMPARE-MOD1A, 2 Phase Flow Thermodynamics, Pressure in LWR Containment
ests0023 COMPBRN3, Modelling of Nuclear Power Plant Compartment Fires
nea-1305 COOLOD, Steady-State Thermal Hydraulics of Research Reactors
nea-0398 COSTAX-BOIL, Transient Dynamic Analysis of BWR and PWR in Axial Geometry
nea-0215 DRUCKSCHALE-44, Pressure and Temperature Transients in Blowdown Accident
nea-0839 DRUFAN-01/MOD2, Transient Thermohydraulics of PWR Primary System LOCA
nesc0784 DSNP, Program and Data Library System for Dynamic Simulation of Nuclear Power Plant
nesc9952 EVENT, Explosive Transients in Flow Networks
nesc1092 FIRAC, Nuclear Power Plant Fire Accident Model
nea-0396 FRANCESCA, 2 Phase Flow Dynamic in Boiling Test Channel and Heat Elements Conduction
nea-0397 FRANCESCA-BWR, 2 Phase Flow Dynamic for BWR Cooling Channel
nesc0694 FRAPCON2 & V1M4, Steady-State LWR Oxide Fuel Elements Behaviour, Fission Products Gas Release, Error Analysis
nesc0618 GAPCON-THERMAL-2 & GT2R2-1, Steady-State Fuel Rod Thermal Behaviour and Fission Products Gas Release
nea-0073 GHT, 3-D Steady-State and Transient Heat Conduction
nea-0876 H2O, Calculation of Thermodynamics Properties of Steam and H2O
nea-0682 H2OTP, Temperature Dependent and Pressure Dependent Thermodynamics Properties, Transport Properties of H2O
nea-0547 HASSAN, Time-Dependent Temperature Distribution and Stress and Strain in HTR Fuel Pins
nea-1292 HEATHYD, Steady-State Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of Low-Enriched U Fuel Reactor
psr-0199 HEATING-7.3, Multidimensional Finite-Difference Heat Conduction Analysis
nea-0303 HEATRAN, 2-D Heat Diffusion for X-Y or R-Z Geometry with Heat Transfer Across Gaps
nea-0536 HERA-1A, Steady-State Thermohydraulics of Na Cooled Fuel Rod Bundles
nesc9553 HYDRA-2, 3-D Heat Transport for Spent Fuel Storage System
ests0406 HYFRACP3D, 3-D Hydraulic Fracture Propagation by Finite Element Method
nea-0216 HYTRAN, Open Channel Thermal and Hydraulic Transients in LOCA
nea-1838 JASMINE V.3, Steam explosion simulation
nea-0624 JOSHUA, Neutronics, Hydraulics, Burnup, Refuelling of LWR
nesc0877 K-FIX(3D), Transient 2 Phase Flow Hydrodynamic, X-Y-Z and Cylindrical Geometry, Eulerian Method
nesc0727 K-FIX, Transient 2 Phase Flow Hydrodynamic in 2-D Planar or Cylindrical Geometry, Eulerian Method
iaea1339 KINETIK, Time-Dependent Heat and Mass Transfer
nea-0250 LUPO, Temperature and Void Rate and Pressure Drop and Flow Rate in Pressure Loop
nea-1534 MESYST, Simulation of 3-D Tracer Dispersion in Atmosphere
nesc9644 NASA-VOF2D, 2-D Transient Free Surface Incompressible Fluid Dynamic
nesc9568 NASA-VOF3D, 3-D Transient, Free Surface, Incompressible Fluid Dynamic
nesc0703 ORCENT-2, Full Load Steam Turbine Cycle Thermodynamics for LWR Power Plant
nea-0802 OWEN-1, LOCA Transient and Steady-State 2 Phase Flow in Heated Channel
nesc0865 PELE-IC, 2-D Eulerian Incompressible Hydrodynamic and Bubble Dynamic after LWR LOCA
nea-1612 PIN99W, Modelling of VVER and PWR Fuel Rod Thermomechanical Behaviour
nea-0251 PREST, Pressure Temperature Transients, I Inhalation in Containment Building from LOCA
nesc0552 PWR-PPM, Boration-Dilution Tables Generator for PWR Operation
nea-0632 RAPVOID, H2O Flow and Steam Flow in Pipe System with Phase Equilibrium
nesc0369 RELAP-4, Transient 2 Phase Flow Thermohydraulics, LWR LOCA and Reflood
nea-0437 RELAP-UK, Thermohydraulic Transients and Steady-State of LWR
nesc0917 RELAP5/MOD1/029, Transient 2 Phase Flow Thermohydraulics, LWR LOCA Accidents
nesc1069 SALE-3D, 3-D Fluid Flow, Navier Stokes Equation Using Lagrangian or Eulerian Method
ccc-0834 SCALE 6.2.4, A Comprehensive Modeling and Simulation Suite for Nuclear Safety Analysis and Design
nea-0431 SCEPTIC, Pressure Drop, Flow Rate, Heat Transfer, Temperature in Reactor Heat Exchanger
nea-0865 SCRIMP, Steady-State Thermohydraulics of HTGR Subchannel
nesc0893 SHAFT-79, 2 Phase Flow in Porous Media for Geothermic Energy System
nesc0832 SOLA-DF, Time-Dependent 2-D 2 Phase Flow, Eulerian Method with Various Boundary Conditions
nesc0651 SOLA-SURF, 2-D Plane, Axisymmetric, Incompressible Flow Navier Stokes Equation for Transient
nesc0948 SOLA-VOF, 2-D Transient Hydrodynamic Using Fractional Volume of Fluid Method
iaea0895 SPAGAF, PWR Fuel, Cladding Behaviour with Fission Products Gas Release
nea-0055 STDY-3, Steady-State Parallel Channel Thermal Analysis of PWR
nesc0487 STEAM-67, Thermodynamics Properties of H2O and Steam from ASME Tables (1967)
nea-0253 STYLE, Steam Cycle Heat Balance for Turbine Blade Design in Marine Operation
nesc0973 SWIFT, 3-D Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Decay Chain Transport in Geological Media
nesc9766 T-HEMP3D, 3-D Time-Dependent Elastic Plastic Flow
nea-0532 TAFE, 2-D Steady-State Heat Conduction for Structure with Gas Gaps
nea-0531 TAFEST, 2-D Transient Heat Conduction
iaea0836 TEMPELS, Heat Conduction for Arbitrary Geometry by Finite Element Method (FEM)
nesc9940 THERMIT-2, 3-D Thermo-Hydraulics of BWR and PWR
nea-0377 THREAT, 3-D Steady-State or Transient Heat Diffusion in Multi-Region Prism
nesc9669 TOPAZ-SNLL, Transient 1-D Pipe Flow Analysis
ests0219 TOUGH2 & TOUGHREACT, Unsaturated Ground Water and Heat Transfer
nea-0807 TRAWA, LWR Dynamic by Coupled Neutron Diffusion and Thermohydraulics Calculation
iaea1337 TRISTAN-IJS, Steady-State Axial Temperature and Flow Velocity in Triga Channel
psr-0522 TRUMP, Steady-State and Transient 1-D, 2-D and 3-D Potential Flow, Temperature Distribution
nea-0233 TURBINA, Reheat Steam Turbine Generator Design with Preheater and Condenser
nea-0581 TURBPLANT, 1-D Steady-State Model of Power Reactor Steam Turbine Components
nea-0587 UTSG, Steady-State and Transients of Vertical U-Tube Steam Generator
nesc0755 VARR2, 2-D Transient Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in X-Y and Cylindrical Geometry
nea-0655 VSOP, Neutron Spectra, 2-D Flux Synthesis, Fuel Management, Thermohydraulics Calculation
iaea1440 VSOP99-11, Neutron Spectra, 2-D Flux Synthesis, Fuel Management, Thermohydraulics Calculation
nea-0506 WAKE, Navier Stokes Equation with 2-D Turbulence, Stream Function, Vorticity