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ZZ HILO2K, Coupled 83 Neutron, 22 Photon Group Cross Sections for Neutron Energies Up to 2 GeV for ANISN, DORT and TORT

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Program name Package id Status Status date
ZZ-HILO2K DLC-0220/01 Arrived 23-SEP-2008

Machines used:

Package ID Orig. computer Test computer
DLC-0220/01 Many Computers
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NUMBER OF GROUPS: 83 Neutron, 22 Photon
NUCLIDES: 1H, 2H, He, Be, 10B, 11B, C, N, O, Na, Mg, Al, Si, S, K, Ca, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zr, Nb, Cd, Ba, Gd, Ta, W, Hg, Pb, 235U, 238U.
ORIGIN: ENDF, LENDL , LANL 150-MeV library


ZZ-HILO2k is a high-energy neutron and photon transport cross-section library containing neutron cross sections to 2 GeV and photon cross sections to 20 MeV and is intended for use in multidimensional deterministic transport codes. It represents the culmination of work directed at updating and extending the DLC-0119/ZZ-HILO86 transport cross-section library developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in the mid 1980's.

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ZZ-HILO2k was developed as part of the neutronics R&D effort associated with the design of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) currently under construction at ORNL and can be used for other accelerator driven applications. ZZ-HILO2k multigroup cross sections are in the form needed for the CCC-0650/DOORS3.2a (ANISN, DORT and TORT) discrete ordinates codes. In addition to transport cross sections, the new HILO library contains flux-to-dose conversion factors and kermas (nuclear heating response functions) for all energies for all 32 nuclides. It also contains dpa and H-1 and He gas production response functions covering selected energy ranges for some of the nuclides comprising structural materials.


The new library contains transport cross sections for 32 nuclides commonly found in the target, reflector, and shielding materials used at spallation neutron source facilities. The high-energy portion (E&20 MeV) of ZZ-HILO2k is based on neutron elastic and nonelastic interaction and production data generated using the stochastic nuclear collision models in MCNPX Version 2.1.5 (RSICC package CCC-0705). The low-energy portion was derived from ENDF or LENDL data for all nuclides except Hg. The high-energy neutron interaction and production cross sections were also normalized to the nonelastic cross sections for those nuclides treated in the recently evaluated Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) 150-MeV library. Dose equivalent obtained from discrete ordinates transport calculations employing HILO2k agreed within approximately a factor of two with that obtained using MCNPX after transport through more than 4000 g/cm2 of typical high-energy shielding materials. Data are provided for: H-1, H-2, He, Be, B-10, B-11, C, N, O, Na, Mg, Al, Si, S, K, Ca, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zr, Nb, Cd, Ba, Gd, Ta, W, Hg, Pb, U-235, U-238.


Two versions of the new ZZ-HILO library are distributed. In the standard version, all high energy particle interaction and production data was taken into account to obtain the group total cross section (interaction cross section) and the group-to-group Legendre scattering coefficients (scattering cross sections). In the modified version, neutrons that exited collisions almost straight ahead with more than 95% of the incident neutron energy were treated as uncollided neutrons. Both libraries contain 105 total energy groups (42 high-energy neutron, 41 low-energy neutron, and 22 photon groups). The modified version of the new HILO library contains P-9 Legendre expansions for the scattering cross sections whereas the standard version contains P-10 expansions.

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LCAT: Converts ANISN card-image data to binary format and other functions.
LCAT (Library Conversion, And Truncation code) was written to convert the FIDO free-form ASCII libraries to binary ANISN libraries and may also be used to create smaller truncated versions of both libraries.


PRTXS: Print selected cross sections from binary files.
PRTXS reads the binary file and creates a file that can be printed or viewed with an editor.


The codes were developed using the XLF compiler on IBM RS/6000 under AIX and have been run on personal computers under RedHat Linux using g77 0.5.26. LCAT and PRTXS run interactively and query the user for filenames and options.

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Package ID Status date Status
DLC-0220/01 23-SEP-2008 Masterfiled Arrived
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  • R. A. Lillie and F. X. Gallmeier, "HILO Transport Cross-Section Library Extension," Proc.33rd Int.Top. Meet.Nucl. Applicat. of Accel.Tech., Long Beach, CA (1999).

  • R. A. Lillie and F. X. Gallmeier, "HILO2k: A Coupled Neutron-Photon Transport Cross-Section Library for Neutron Energies up to 2000 MeV," Proc. 4th Int. Top. Meet. Nucl. Applicat. of Accel. Tech., Washington, DC (2000).

  • R. A. Lillie, F. X. Gallmeier, and J. O. Johnson, "HILO2k: Transport Cross Sections for Neutron Energies to 2 GeV," Proc. of the 2001 Amer. Nucl. Soc. Rad. Prot. > Shld. Div. Top. Meet., Santa Fe, NM (2001).

  • R. G. Alsmiller, Jr., J. M. Barnes, and J. D. Drischler, "Neutron Photon Multigroup Cross Sections for Neutron Energies Less Than or Equal to 400 MeV (Revision 1)," ORNL/TM-9801 (February 1986).

DLC-0220/01, included references:
- R. A. Lillie and F. X. Gallmeier:
"HILO2k: A New HILO Library to 2 GeV," Informal paper (September 2003).
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No specified programming language
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Windows or Unix.


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Contributed by: Radiation Safety Information Computational Center
                Oak Ridge National Laboratory
                Oak Ridge, TN, U. S. A.
Developed by:   Oak Ridge National Laboratory
                Oak Ridge, TN, U. S. A.

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asc.standard  Ascii standard library in free form fido format
asc.modified  Ascii modified library in free form fido format
lcat.f  Fortran deck to convert ascii to binary and other things to create
executable type:  xlf -o lcat lcat.f to run lcat type: lcat (lcat is
prtxs.f  Fortran deck to print selective cross sections in binary versions of
asc.full and asc.redu to create executable type:  xlf -o prtxs prtxs.f to run
prtxs type: prtxs (prtxs is interactive)
new_gs  Group structure of full HILO2k library
Notes  Readme file
Electronic documentation
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  • Z. Data

Keywords: coupled neutron gamma cross sections, multigroup, neutron cross sections, photon transport.