Working Party on Physics of Plutonium Fuels and Innovative Fuel Cycles (WPPR)



Under the guidance of the Nuclear Science Committee the Working Party will deal with the status and trends of reactor physics issues related to the management of plutonium.


To provide member countries with up-to-date information to preserve knowledge on and develop consensus regarding:

The core physics aspects considered are the basic nuclear performance parameters such as: 

Specific reactor types considered include, but are not limited to the following:

To liaise closely with other NEA working groups such as the TFRPD and the WPPT (now Working Party on the scientific issues in Fuel Cycle (WPFC)  to ensure the respective work programmes are complementary and to provide advice and support where required.

To provide advice to the nuclear community on the developments needed to meet the requirements (data and methods, validation experiments, scenario studies) for implementing the different plutonium management approaches.

Mandate last revised on  2 February 2001, now activity expanded in the new Working Party on Scientific Issues of Reactor Systems (WPRS).


Plutonium physics (7 Volumes)
The future of the nuclear industry will depend crucially on considerations of economics, resource utilisation and environmental impact/waste management. For nuclear utilities who opt for reprocessing/ recycling of spent fuel, one of the main issues pertinent to these three areas is that of recycling plutonium. Moreover, with the recent commitment to reduce the nuclear weapons stockpiles, there has been renewed and generalised interest in the capabilities of both thermal and fast reactors to help make weapons grade plutonium less readily accessible for use in weapons. Additionally there is renewed and widespread interest in the possible role of fast reactors in burning minor actinides. For all these reasons the OECD/NEA Nuclear Science Committee decided to convene an international study group, the Working Party on Physics of Plutonium Recycling (WPPR), to review the physics aspects of plutonium recycle.

Plutonium Management in the Medium Term
A Review by the OECD/NEA Working Party on the Physics of Plutonium Fuels and Innovatice Fuel Cycles (WPPR)
Language: English, Published: 03-NOV-03, 72 pages, NEA#04451, ISBN: 92-64-02151-5.

Benchmark on the Three-dimensional VENUS-2 MOX Core Measurements, Final Report
Language: English, Published: 09-FEB-04 , 204 pages, NEA#04438, ISBN: 92-64-02160-4.

Benchmark on Deterministic Transport Calculations Without Spatial Homogenisation, A 2-D/3-D MOX Fuel Assembly
Language: English, Published: 08-AUG-03, 152 pages, NEA#03135, ISBN: 92-64-02139-6.


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