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The International Handbook of Evaluated Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments is prepared by a working party comprised of experienced reactor physics personnel from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, P.R. of China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. This handbook contains reactor physics benchmark specifications which have been derived from experiments that were performed at various nuclear facilities around the world. The benchmark specifications are intended for use by reactor designers, safety analysts and nuclear data evaluators to validate calculation techniques and data. Example calculations are presented; these do not constitute a validation or endorsement of the codes or cross-section data.

The 2015 edition of the International Handbook of Evaluated Reactor Physics Experiments contains data from 143 experimental series performed at 50 nuclear facilities. To be published as approved benchmarks the experiments must be evaluated against agreed technical criteria and reviewed by the IRPhE Technical Review Group. A total of 139 of the 143 evaluations are published as approved benchmarks. The remaining four evaluations are published as draft documents only. Draft documents have been reviewed by the IRPhE Technical Review Group (TRG); however, all action items could not be completed or reviewed in time for the final publication or, in most cases, the TRG felt it necessary to review the revised evaluations before final approval.  The handbook is organised in a manner that allows easy inclusion of additional evaluations as they become available. 

Comments (recommendations, additions, deletions and corrections), which may be of use in improving this handbook, should be addressed to:

John D. Bess
Idaho National Laboratory
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Tatiana Ivanova
NEA Division of Nuclear Science


The purpose of the International Reactor Physics Experiment Evaluation (IRPhE) Project is to provide an extensively peer-reviewed set of reactor physics-related integral data that can be used by reactor designers and safety analysts to validate the analytical tools used to design next-generation reactors and establish the safety basis for operation of these reactors. This work of the IRPhE project is formally documented in the "International Handbook of Evaluated Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments" a single source of verified and extensively peer-reviewed reactor physics benchmark measurements data.

The evaluation process entails the following steps:

  1. Identify a comprehensive set of reactor physics experimental measurements data,
  2. Evaluate the data and quantify overall uncertainties through various types of sensitivity analysis to the extent possible, verify the data by reviewing original and subsequently revised documentation, and by talking with the experimenters or individuals who are familiar with the experimental facility,
  3. Compile the data into a standardized format,
  4. Perform calculations of each experiment with standard reactor physics codes where it would add information,
  5. Formally document the work into a single source of verified and peer reviewed reactor physics benchmark measurements data.


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Last reviewed: 22 May 2015

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