Expert Group on Reactor Stability and LWR Transient Benchmarks


The Expert Group deals with modelling issues in the field of 3-D coupled neutronics / thermal-hydraulics transients for nuclear cores and coupling of core phenomena and system dynamics (PWR, BWR, VVER).

The transients considered include:


The objectives of the NSC in the field of coupled neutronics/thermal-hydraulics computing are to advance scientific knowledge needed for the development of advanced modelling techniques for new nuclear technologies and concepts, as well as for current nuclear applications. This includes:


Reactor Stability, Transient, Coupled Neutronics/Thermal-hydraulics, Coupeld Core/Plant 3D Benchmarks

List of activities

Validation of coupled thermal-hydraulic and neutronics codes in international co-operation by K. Ivanov, E. Sartori, E. Royer, S. Langenbuch, K. Velkov, Eurosafe 2005 Conference


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Last reviewed: 28 November 2011