Nuclear Science Committee

Expert Group on Experimental Needs in Criticality Safety


Compilation of high-priority needs for experiments in criticality safety. Analysis of the range of applicability for criticality experiments and estimation of  the appropriate bias and uncertainty to be used in the criticality safety analysis.


Under the guidance of the Working Party on Nuclear Criticality Safety, the major assignments of the expert group include:

  • compilation of current needs for high-priority experiments;
  • promote the exchange of measurement objectives and experimental planning on a national and international basis;
  • encourage and co-ordinate development of quantitative methods to identify and justify experimental needs:
  • encourage co-ordination in the performance of required experiments.

Online form for the expression of experimental needs

An online form was designed by the expert group to help criticality practionners, regulators and analysts to express their need(s) for integral experiments. Please follow the link below to describe your need which will then be submitted to members of the expert group for review. A web page will also be set up to indicate the status of requests.

Online Form for the expression of Integral Experimental Needs


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