WPNCS Expert Group on Advanced Monte Carlo Techniques (EGAMCT)

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Draft of EGAMCT Report

Revised Benchmark Specifications (June 2014)

Other Documents

June 2018 Meetings, NEA Headquarters, Paris

EGAMCT-2018/SR DRAFT Summary Record of the 8th EGAMCT meeting, July 2018
EGAMCT-2018/01 List of actions of 2017 EGAMCT, S. Tsuda
EGAMCT-2018/02 Clustering & spatial correlations in zero power reactors : Preliminary results of the RCF clustering experiment, E. Dumonteil
EGAMCT-2018/03 MCNP® Progress for NCSP, F. Brown

Eigenvalue problems in three-dimensional random media, A. Zoia

EGAMCT-2018/05 Removing the Decoupling in Monte Carlo Simulations of Critical Configurations: Update, K. W. Burn

June 2017 Meetings, NEA Headquarters, Paris

EGAMCT-2017/SR Summary Record of the 7th EGAMCT meeting, June 2017
EGAMCT-2017/01 UK undersampling calculations, P. Smith
EGAMCT-2017/02 Neutron Clustering and Travelling Waves in Monte Carlo Criticality Calculations, E. Dumonteil
EGAMCT-2017/03 Investigations of Clustering in MCNP6 Criticality Calculations, F. Brown
EGAMCT-2017/04 MCNP6: Verification for Nuclear Criticality Safety Calculations, F. Brown
EGAMCT-2017/05 Convergence in infinite rod extrapolation length influece, D. Mennerdhal
EGAMCT-2017/06 Neutron Clustering in MonteCarlo Power Iteration, A. Zoia
EGAMCT-2017/07 Continued Investigation of Metrics to Detect Undersampling Biases, C. Perfetti
EGAMCT-2017/08 MONK Status, P. Smith

July 2016 Meetings, NEA Headquarters, Paris

EGAMCT-2016/SR Summary Record of the 6th EGAMCT meeting, July 2016
EGAMCT-2016/01 MONK undersampling bias calculations, P. Smith
EGAMCT-2016/02 MCNP Progress, F. Brown
EGAMCT-2016/03 MCNP-WHISPER Methodology for Nuclear Criticality Safety Validation, F. Brown
EGAMCT-2016/04 MCNP6: Fission Multiplicity Model Usage in Criticality Calculations, F. Brown
EGAMCT-2016/05 Monte Carlo power iteration: Entropy and spatial correlations, A. Zoia
EGAMCT-2016/06 Variance Reduction in Monte Carlo keff calculations: state-of-play, K. Burn
EGAMCT-2016/07 SCALE Continuous Energy undersampling bias and metric results, C. Perfetti
EGAMCT-2016/08 MONERANO: MOret for NEutron RAndom NOise , W. Monange
EGAMCT-2016/09 Proposal for simplification to benchmark Phase I, E. Dumonteil
EGAMCT-2016/10 Proposal for cross-cutting work within WPNCS and other EGs, E. Letang

July 2015 Meetings, NEA Headquarters, Paris

EGAMCT-2015/SR Summary Record of the 5th EGAMCT meeting, July 2015, F. Michel-Sendis (Draft)
EGAMCT-2015/07 Comments to EGAMCT presentations (post-meeting note), D. Mennerdahl
EGAMCT-2015/06 Spatio-temporal correlations in fuel pin calculations, A. Onillon
EGAMCT-2015/05 The Critical Catastrophe Revisited, A. Zoia
EGAMCT-2015/04 MCNP Progress and Performance Improvements, F. Brown
EGAMCT-2015/03 New CE TSUNAMI-3D Capability for Undersampling Metrics and Biases, C. Perfetti
EGAMCT-2015/02 Particle Clustering in Monte Carlo Criticality Calculations, E. Dumonteil
EGAMCT-2015/01 IRSN Results for EGAMCT Phase I Benchmark, A. Onillon

September 2014 Meetings, NEA Headquarters, Paris

EGAMCT-2014/SR Summary Record of the 4th EGAMCT meeting, September 18 2014, F. Michel-Sendis (Draft for revision)
EGAMCT-2014/07 Particle Clustering in Monte Carlo Criticality Calculations, E. Dumonteil
EGAMCT-2014/06 Phase I Results, D. Mennerdahl
EGAMCT-2014/05 Symmetry in Monte Carlo, D. Mennerdahl
EGAMCT-2014/04 Methods for Diagnosing Undersampling in Flux Tally Calculations, C. Perfetti
EGAMCT-2014/03 EGAMCT Phase I : IRSN Results for case R2, A. Onillon
EGAMCT-2014/02 EGAMCT Phase I : Preliminary Results for case R2, G. Hordosy
EGAMCT-2014/01 EGAMCT Phase I : Objectives for 2014-2015, J. Miss

October 2013 Meetings, Kurchatov Institute, Russian Federation

EGAMCT-2013/SR Summary Record of the 3rd EGAMCT meeting, October 25 2013, F. Michel-Sendis (Draft for revision)
EGAMCT-2013/10 Prospective use of Monte Carlo techniques for the evaluation and the optimization of an electric mix in a territory, J. Miss
EGAMCT-2013/09 Optimizing Variance Reduction in Monte Carlo Eigenvalue Calculations with the Source Iteration Approach, K. Burn
EGAMCT-2013/08 Latest developments and Overcview of Scale 6.2, B. Rearden
EGAMCT-2013/07 Statistical algorithm verification for high concentration microfuel pebbles, M. Gurevich
EGAMCT-2013/06 Benchmark Phase 1 : ENEA Preliminary results on Case R3, K. Burn
EGAMCT-2013/05 Benchmark Phase 1 : ORNL Preliminary results, C. Perfetti
EGAMCT-2013/04 Benchmark Phase 1 : GRS Preliminary results on cases S1 to S3, M. Stuke
EGAMCT-2013/03 Benchmark Phase 1 : IRSN Preliminary results on case R1, J. Miss
EGAMCT-2013/02 Benchmark Phase I specifications, J. Miss
EGAMCT-2013/01 Presentation of activities of the EGAMCT, J. Miss

September 2012 Meetings, NEA offices, France

EGAMCT-2012/SR Summary Record of the 2nd EGAMCT meeting, September 17 2012, F. Michel-Sendis (Draft for revision)
EGAMCT-2012/11 Proposed modifications to mandate and discussion of EGAMCT scope, J. Miss
EGAMCT-2012/10 Monte Carlo Depletion Calculations Using Vesta 2.1, W. Haeck
EGAMCT-2012/09 Algorith-assisted NCSA, Y. Richet
EGAMCT-2012/08 A Prototype for coupling DRAGON & DONJON to MORET5, A. Jinaphanh
EGAMCT-2012/07 Convergence issues in Monte Carlo Depletion Calculations, Y. Richet
EGAMCT-2012/06 Overview of MORET5 capabilities, B. Cochet
EGAMCT-2012/05 M.C. Burn-up code acceleration using the correlated sampling method, C. Dieudonne
EGAMCT-2012/04 SERPENT M.C. Neutron Transport Code, T. Viitanen (J. Leppanen)
EGAMCT-2012/03 Fission Matrix calculations in MCNP, B. Kiedrowski
EGAMCT-2012/02 On-the-fly neutron doppler broadening for MCNP, B. Kiedrowski
EGAMCT-2012/01 Advances in SCALE Monte Carlo methods, B. Rearden

Last reviewed: 31 July 2018