Working Party on Multi-scale Modelling of Fuels and Structural Materials for Nuclear Systems (WPMM)


    The Working Party on Multi-scale Modelling of Fuels and Structural Material for Nuclear Systems (WPMM) was established to deal with the scientific and engineering aspects of fuels and structural materials, aiming at establishing multi-scale models and simulations as validated predictive tools for the design of nuclear systems, fuel fabrication and performance. The WPMM’s objective is to promote the exchange of information on models and simulations of nuclear materials, theoretical and computational methods, experimental validation, and related topics. It also provides member countries with up-to-date information, shared data, models and expertise. The Working Party assesses nuclear modelling improvement needs and addresses these needs by initiating joint efforts. The WPMM will review and evaluate the multi-scale modelling and simulation techniques currently employed in the selection of materials used in nuclear systems. It will also provide advice to the nuclear community on the developments needed to meet the requirements of modelling for the design of different nuclear systems.

    The WPMM liaises closely with other NEA working groups, especially those operating under the guidance of the Nuclear Science Committee (NSC) in order to ensure the complementarity of the respective work programmes. Particularly close working relationships are maintained with the Working Party on the Scientific Issues of the Fuel Cycle (WPFC), Expert Groups on Innovative Fuels and Innovative Structure Materials, the Expert Group on Accident Tolerant Fuels for Light Water Reactors, the Expert Group on Multi-physics Experimental Data, Benchmarks and Validation, the WPRS Expert Group on Reactor Fuel Performance and with the NEA Project on Thermodynamics of Advanced Fuels – International Database.


    WPMM meetings

    • The 14th meeting will be held on 15-17 May 2018 at the NEA headquarters
    • The 13th meeting was held on 9-11 May 2017 at the NEA headquarters

    More information and meeting documents are available in the working area (password protected | reminder).

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