Technology and Components of Accelerator-driven Systems

Second International Workshop

21-23 May 2013, Nantes, France


Opening and invited keynote lectures (Chair: P. D’hondt,SCK-CEN, Belgium)

Invited talk,

A historic perspective of nuclear energy synergism: ADS as a solution and ADS as a need, J. M. Martinez-Val (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)

Invited talk,

European activity on ADS, D. Haas (European Commission, Joint Research Centre)

Invited talk,

Impact of P&T on Nuclear Scenarios with Gen IV and ADSs, S. David (CNRS, France), S. Massara (OECD-NEA)

Invited talk,

Fuel for ADS: state-of-the-art, requirements, current and future programmes, F. Gabrielli (KIT, Germany)


Session I: Current ADS experiments and test facilities (Chair: K. Tsujimoto, JAEA, Japan)

The MEGAPIE PIE sample preparation, M. Wohlmuther, V. Boutellier, Y. Dai, D. Gavillet, K. Geissmann, S. Hahl, B. Hammer, A. Lagotzki, H.P. Linder, D. Kuster, J. Neuhausen, D. Schumann, R. Schwarz, H.Schweikert, A. Spahr, P.Suter, S. Teichmann, K. Thomson, H. Wiese, W. Wagner, U. Zimmermann, C. Zumbach (PSI, Switzerland)

Neutron spectrum hardening in critical and subcritical reactors cooled with lead-208, G.L. Khorasanov,A.I. Blokhin (IPPE, Russian Federation)

Power Spectral Analysis for a Thermal Accelerator-Driven System of the Kyoto University Critical Assembly, A. Sakon, K. Hashimoto (Kinki University, Japan), C. H. Pyeon (Kyoto University, Japan)

Current progress and future plans of the FREYA Project, A. Kochetkov, P. Baeten, W. Uyttenhove, G. Vittiglio, J. Wagemans (SCK-CEN, Belgium), A. Billebaud, S. Chabod, H.E. Thyébault, X.Doligez, F.R. Lecolley, J.L. Lecouey, G. Lehaut, N. Marie, G. Ban, P. Dessagne, M. Kerveno(CNRS-IN2P3, France), F. Mellier (CEA, France)

Reactivity monitoring using the area method for the subcritical VENUS-F core within the framework of the FREYA Project, N. Marie, G. Lehaut, J.-L. Lecouey, G. Ban, F.R. Lecolley, A. Billebaud, S. Chabod, H.-E.Thyébault (CNRS-IN2P3, France), P. Baeten, A. Kochetkov, W. Uyttenhove, G. Vittiglio, J. Wagemans (SCK-CEN, Belgium), F. Mellier (CEA, France), D. Villamarin (CIEMAT, Spain)

Analysis of prompt decay experiments for ADS reactivity monitoring at VENUS-F GUINEVERE facility, S. Chabod, A. Billebaud, H.-E. Thyébault, F.R. Lecolley, J.-L.Lecouey, G. Lehaut, N. Marie, G. Ban, X. Doligez (CNRS-IN2P3, France), P. Baeten, A. Kochetkov, G. Vittiglio, W. Uyttenhove, J. Wagemans (SCK-CEN, Belgium), F. Mellier (CEA, France), D. Villamarin (CIEMAT, Spain)

Forthcoming Experiments on ADS with 100 MeV Protons at Kyoto University Critical Assembly, C. H. Pyeon, T.Yagi, Y. Takahashi, T. Sano, H. Shiga (Kyoto University, Japan)

Role of the ADS from the perspective of the international Thorium Energy Committee iThEC, K. Samec, Y. Kadi (iThEC, Switzerland)


Session II: Accelerators (Chair: M. Seidel, PSI, Switzerland)

Invited talk

Present status of China ADS proton accelerator R&D, Y. Chi (IHEP, People Rep. of China),


Beam operation aspects for the MYRRHA linear accelerator, J.-L.Biarrotte (CNRS-IN2P3, France), D. Uriot (CEA, France), L. Medeiros Romão, D. Vandeplassche (SCK-CEN, Belgium)

The R&D@UCL program in support of the MYRRHA linear accelerator, R. Salemme, D. Vandeplassche, L. Medeiros Romão, J.-P. Carneiro (SCK-CEN, Belgium), J.-L.Biarrotte, M. Baylac (CNRS-IN2P3, France), D.Uriot (CEA, France), H.Podlech (Goethe Universität, Germany)

Superconducting RF cavities activities for the MAX Project, M. El Yacoubi (CNRS-IN2P3, France)

Reliability model of SNS linac (spallation neutron source-ORNL), A. Pitigoi, P. Fernandez (EA, Spain)

Approach of a Failure Analysis for the MYRRHA Linac, D. Vandeplassche, J.-P. Carneiro, L. Medeiros Romão, (SCK-CEN, Belgium), J.-L. Biarrotte,F.Bouly(CNRS-IN2P3, France), D. Uriot (CEA, France)

The Strong-Focusing Cyclotron: Optimized Proton Driver for ADS Fission, P. McIntyre (Texas A&M University, USA)

MYRRHA Cryogenic System: study on performances and reliability requirements, T. Junquera, N. R. Chevalier (ACS, France), J.-P.Thermeau(CNRS-IN2P3, France), L. Medeiros Romão, D. Vandeplassche (SCK-CEN, Belgium)

The GENEPI-3C accelerator as a versatile neutron source for the low power ADS experiment GUINEVERE, M. Baylac (CNRS-IN2P3, France)


Session III: Simulation, safety, data (Chair: Y. Gohar, ANL, USA)

Invited talk,

Nuclear data for safe operation and waste transmutation, E. Gonzalez-Romero (CIEMAT, Spain)

Accelerator Driven System design concept for disposing of spent nuclear fuels, Y. Gohar, Y. Cao, R. Kellogg, E. Merzari (ANL, USA)

A high power ADS concept for the Minor Actinides transmutation, N. Thiolliere, B. Mouginot (CNRS-IN2P3, France)

CLASS: Core Library for Advanced Scenario Simulation, B. Mouginot, N. Thiolliere (CNRS-IN2P3, France)

Design simulation of zero power subcritical system at BARC, India, T. Roy, N. Ray, Y. S. Kashyap, M.Shukla, T. P. Patel, A.Sinha, S. Kailas (BARC, India),


Transient analysis for lead-bismuth cooled Accelerator Driven System proposed by JAEA, T. Sugawara, K. Nishihara, K.Tsujimoto (JAEA, Japan)


Session IV: Neutron sources (Chair: B. Grambow, CNRS, France)

KIPT Accelerator Driven System design and performance, Y. Gohar (ANL, USA), I.Bolshinsky (INL, USA), I.Karnaukhov (Kharkov Institute of Physics & Technology, Ukraine)

A Multi-Megawatt compact neutron source for ADS, K. Samec (CERN, Switzerland) (+ video)

Thermal-hydraulic numerical investigation of the heavy liquid metal free surface of MYRRHA spallation target experiment, A. Batta, A. Class (KIT, Germany)

A flexible testing facility for high-power targets (TIARA FP7 program), Y. Fusco (CERN, Switzerland)

Numerical analysis of feasibility of beam window for TEF target, H. Obayashi, H. Takei, H. Iwamoto, T.Sasa (JAEA, Japan)

On the parameters promoting liquid metal embrittlement of the T91 steel in lead bismuth eutectic alloy, J.-B. Vogt,I. ProriolSerre, C. Yé(CNRS, France)

Neutron source of INR, the Russian Academy of Sciences: status and the further development, S. Sidorkin, E.Koptelov, A.Rogov, L.Ponomarev (INR RAS, Russian Federation),


Conceptual design studies for the liquid metal spallation target META:LIC, J. R. Fetzer, A. G. Class, C. Fazio (KIT, Germany)


Special Session: H. Klein Memory (Chair: A.C. Mueller, CNRS, France)

Horst Klein: souvenirs of a great accelerator physicist, H. Stoecker (GSI, Germany)

A high intensity proton Linac and the FAIR Project, O. Kester (GSI &Goethe-Universität, Germany)

Linac strategies for the lower beam energies, U. Ratzinger (Goethe-Universität, Germany)

Recent developments of the MYRRHA Project, P. D’hondt, P. Baeten, D. De Bruyn, R. Fernandez, G. Van den Eynde,H. AïtAbderrahim (SCK-CEN, Belgium)


Last reviewed: 24 May 2013