Methods and issues for the combined use of integral experiments and covariance data

WPEC Subgroup 33 (SG33) - Final Publication

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This WPEC subgroup was established to study methods and issues of the combined use of integral experiments and covariance data, with the objective of recommending a set of best and consistent practices in order to improve evaluated nuclear data files. Indication should be provided on how to best exploit existing integral experiments, define new ones if needed, provide trends and feedback to nuclear data evaluators and measurers.


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Benchmark exercise on adjustment methods

Specifications Integral data
Determination of covariance data for integral parameters, M. Ishikawa
Calculation of isotope/reaction contributions to integral data uncertainty
Benchmark experiments
Target systems
Additional benchmark experiments for "stress" tests [with ICSBEP Handbook reference]
  • ZPR-9/34 - U/Fe assembly with SS reflector [HEU-MET-INTER-001]
  • ZPR-3/53 - Pu/C/SS assembly with U blanket [MIX-MET-INTER-004]
  • ZPR-3/54 - Pu/C/SS assembly with Fe reflector [MIX-MET-INTER-003]
  • ZPR-6/10 - Pu/C/SS assembly with SS/Fe reflectors [PU-MET-INTER-002]

Publications and documents

ND2013 contribution (Draft - August 8, 2013)
  • Methods and Issues for the Combined Use of Integral Experiments and Covariance Data: Results of a NEA International Collaborative Study - PDF file - Latex archive.
Final report of SG33 Adjustment methodology Other documents

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