Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Co-operation (WPEC)

Presentations and documents submitted to the 25th meeting, NEA Headquarters, 23-24 May 2013

  WPEC Meeting, 23-24 May 2013
    Proposed agenda    
  Summary Record of the 24th Working Party meeting, May 2012
    Summary record (May 2012)    
  Membership and observers (May 2013)
  Reports on experimental activities
    NEA DB (A. Plompen) Presentation (NEA DB)  
    Japan (H. Harada) Presentation (Japan)  
    USA (Y. Danon) Presentation (USA)  
    Russia (A. Ignatyuk) Presentation (Russia)  
    China (Ge Zhigang) Presentation (China) Report
  Brief progress reports from the evaluation projects
    ENDF (M. Herman) Presentation (ENDF)  
      + slides on DOI (D. Brown)    
    JEFF (R. Jacqmin) Presentation (JEFF)  
    JENDL (T. Fukahori) Presentation (JENDL) Report
    BROND (A. Ignatyuk) Presentation (BROND)  
      + slides on Rosatom Standard Reference Data System (T. Golashvili)    
    CENDL (Ge Zhigang) Presentation (CENDL)  
    IAEA (R. Forrest) Presentation (IAEA)  
    TENDL (A. Koning) Presentation (TENDL)  
  Status of subgroups
    Subgroup 27: Prompt photon production from fission products SG closed  
    Subgroup 28: Processing of covariance data SG closed  
    Subgroup 31: Meeting nuclear data needs for advanced reactors Presentation (Sg31) Sg31 final report
and Appendix (draft)
    Subgroup C: High Priority Request List (HPRL) Oral report (Sg C)  
    Subgroup 33: Methods and issues for the combined use of integral experiments and covariance data Presentation (Sg33) Sg33 final report (draft)
    Subgroup 34: Coordinated evaluation of 239Pu in the resonance region Presentation (Sg34)  
    Subgroup 35: Scattering angular distribution in the fast energy range Presentation (Sg35)  
    Subgroup 36: Reporting and usage of experimental data for evaluation in the resolved resonance region Presentation (Sg36)  
    Subgroup 37: Improved fission product yield evaluation methodologies Presentation (Sg37)  
    Subgroup 38: A modern nuclear database structure beyond the ENDF format Presentation (Sg38) Progress report
  New subgroup proposals
    Methods and approaches to provide feedback from nuclear and covariance data adjustment for improvement of nuclear data files
(M. Salvatores, G. Palmiotti)
Presentation Final proposal
June 17, 2013
    CIELO (Collaborative International Evaluated Library Organization)
Pilot Project (M.B. Chadwick)
Oral presentation Final proposal
June 17, 2013
  Method of Work
    Reminder of the main guidelines (E. Dupont) Presentation  
  Renewal of the WPEC mandate
    Current mandate (December 2010 - December 2013)    
    Proposed mandate (June 2013 - June 2016) - Draft version (June 17, 2013)    
  Conferences and meetings of interest to the nuclear data community
    ND Meeting calendar  
  75th anniversary of the discovery of fission
    Los Alamos movie (M. Chadwick)    

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