Expert Group on the High Priority Request List (HPRL) for Nuclear Data

WPEC Expert Group - EGHPRL (SG-C)

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Representing Representative(s)
ENDF, USA Y. Danon (RPI), D. Smith (ANL)
JEFF, NEA DB E. Dupont (CEA, France), A. Plompen (EC-JRC-Geel, Belgium), G. Rimpault (CEA, France)
JENDL, Japan N. Iwamoto (JAEA), O. Iwamoto (JAEA), T. Iwasaki (Tohoku), A. Kimura (JAEA)
BROND, Russia V. Koscheev (IPPE), V. Pronyaev (IPPE)
CENDL, China Zhigang Ge (CIAE), Xichao Ruan (CIAE), Sun Weili (IAPCM), Haicheng Wu (CIAE)
Korea Young-Ouk Lee (KAERI)
Romania A. Negret (IFIN-HH)
IAEA R. Capote, A. Koning
NEA M. Fleming

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