Validation of Fission Product Decay Data for Decay Heat Calculations

WPEC Subgroup 25 (SG25) - Final Publication

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The proposal suggested the following steps in improving decay data for better decay heat calculations:

  1. Identify the nuclides which contribute largely to the FP decay heat in the cooling time range from 10 to 5000s from summation calculation.
  2. Find out the nuclides whose decay data are crucially suffering from the pandemonium problem among the nuclides identified in the first step.
  3. Validate the necessity of further β-feeding measurement including the TAGS for the nuclides found out in the second step.
In doing this work the working party makes full use of the information from the theoretical calculation of the β-feeding.



Orsay, France, 17 July 2006

A meeting was held at IPN Orsay, France, on 17 July 2006. This meeting focussed on the need for new measurements, possibly at the ALTO facility in Orsay. A brief summary record of the meeting is available, as are the presentations given during the meeting:

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, 3 May 2006

A meeting was held on 3 May 2006 in conjunction with the general WPEC meeting, at the NEA offices in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. The meeting was held in collaboration with the IAEA as a Consultants Meeting (CM) on beta-decay and decay heat. The summary record of the meeting is available, as are some of the presentations given during the meeting:

Vienna, Austria, 12-14 December 2005

The IAEA organised a Consultants' Meeting on Beta-decay and decay heat held in collaboration with the WPEC Subgroup 25, which was held in December 2005 at the IAEA. More information on that meeting can be found below:

Publications and documents

A collection of publications of interest for improving decay data in the evaluated data libraries (e.g. JEFF-3.1/RDD and JENDL-FPDD 2000) is available below. Access to these documents are only available for the members of the WPEC subgroup. Please request (if needed) a new password at the NEA registration page.

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