Handbook on Lead-bismuth Eutectic Alloy and Lead Properties, Materials Compatibility, Thermal-hydraulics and Technologies

2007 Edition


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Thermophysical and Electric Properties

Chapter 3: Thermodynamic Relationships and Heavy Liquid Metal Interaction with other Coolants

Chapter 4: Chemistry Control and Monitoring Systems

Chapter 5: Properties of Irradiated LBE and Pb

Chapter 6: Compatibility of Structural Materials with LBE and Pb: Standardisation of Data, Corrosion Mechanism and Rate

Chapter 7: Effect of LBE and Lead on Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials Specimens in Lead, LBE and Tin

Chapter 8: Irradiation Effects on Compatibility of Structural Materials with Lead-bismuth Eutectic (LBE)

Chapter 9: Pb and LBE Corrosion Protection at Elevated Temperatures

Chapter 10: Low Prandtl Number Thermal-Hydraulics

Chapter 11: Instrumentation

Chapter 12: Existing HLM Facilities for Experimental Applications

Chapter 13: Safety Guidelines

Chapter 14: Perspectives and R&D Priorities of Heavy Liquid Metal Coolant Technologies


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Errata: May 2008

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