The Second Information Exchange Meeting on Nuclear Production of Hydrogen

Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA

2 - 3 October 2003


The Nuclear Science Committee (NSC) of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) organised the Second Information Exchange Meeting on Nuclear Production of Hydrogen. The meeting was held at Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA, on 2-3 October 2003.

Background and purpose

As growing demand for energy has prompted ever-increasing use of fossil fuels, the resulting issues of energy security and climate change have in turn led to renewed interest in the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

The NSC held its first Information Exchange Meeting on the Nuclear Production of Hydrogen in October 2000 to discuss scientific matters pertaining to the production of hydrogen using energy produced by nuclear reactors. Thirty-nine participants from nine countries and three international organisations met in Paris to discuss the following issues: the physics and chemistry of hydrogen production methods; the application, concepts and roles of nuclear technology for hydrogen production; ongoing or planned R&D programme. Since then, interest in nuclear production of hydrogen has grown dramatically in the framework of the Generation IV initiative. As a result, many countries have continued research and development activities in this field.

The current scientific and technical issues related to the hydrogen generation using nuclear energy were presented and discussed during the second information exchange meeting. Recommendations to the NSC on possible further international collaboration in this field were formulated during this meeting.

List of topics

The meeting consisted of plenary sessions with invited and contributed papers, followed by a general discussion and a conclusion to close the meeting.

The following topics were covered:



All presented papers are included in the proceedings, which have been published by the NEA.

Meeting organisation

Organising committee

D. Wade ANL (USA) (Chair)
D. Henderson DOE (USA)
M. Hori Nuclear Systems Association (Japan)
A. Miller AECL (Canada)
M. Ogawa JAERI (Japan)
P. Pickard SNL (USA)
X. Vitart CEA (France)

International scientific advisory members

S. Johnson DOE (USA) (Chair)
M. Lecomte Framatome (France)
M. Methnani IAEA
C. Nordborg OECD/NEA
M. Paster DOE (USA)
J. Ritch World Nuclear Association
D. Scott Evenstar Inc. (Canada)
K. Soda JAERI (Japan)
D. Torgerson AECL (Canada)

Meeting secretariat

C. Nordborg OECD/NEA
D. Henderson DOE (USA)

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