NEA Workshop on Utilization and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators

Hosted by

Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Tokai-mura, Ibaraki-ken, Japan 319-1195

PROGRAM (updated 09/10/1998)


The Nuclear Science Committee (NSC) of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) organised a Workshop on "Utilization and Reliability of High Power Accelerators." The Workshop was held at Mito, hosted by Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI), from the morning of 13 October to the afternoon of 15 October 1998.

Motivation, Scope and Goals

R&D activities and construction plans related to high power proton accelerators (HPPAs) are being considered in various countries to promote basic and applied sciences, including accelerator-driven nuclear energy system (ADS), using neutrons, protons and other secondary particles. Taking into account the fact that proton beams from existing HPPA trip (suddenly stop) very frequently, it is indispensable to understand the effects (e.g. thermal shocks) of such beam trips on different sub-systems, especially fission sub-systems. Additional R&D will be needed to accomplish a highly reliable HPPA and sub-systems resistant to thermal shocks.

The scope of the workshop comprises:

The purpose of the workshop is to exploit more efficient utilization of HPPAs in various fields and to ensure the future possibility of ADS.

Dates and Place of the Workshop

The Workshop started from the morning of 13 October and finished in the afternoon of 15 October.

List of Topics

The meeting will consist of plenary sessions, working group sessions and panel discussions with the following topics:

Schedule of the Workshop

12 October


18:00-20:00 Registration & Get together (free drinks) at the second floor
13 October


a.m. Registration

1. Opening Session (Invited)

p.m. 2. Application of HPPAs (Invited) - HPPA Relevant Project (Invited)

3. Reliability of HPPAs (Plenary)

Working Group Organization

evening Reception
14 October


a.m. 3. Reliability of HPPAs (continue, Plenary)

4. New Accelerator for ADS (Plenary)

p.m. 5. Beam Trips/Fluctuations: Effects on ADS and ADS Resistance (Plenary)

6. Parallel Sessions

    6a. Accelerator (Working Group 1)

    6b. ADS and Other Sub-systems (Working Group 2)

15 October


a.m. 7. Interface Technology (Plenary)
p.m. 8. Panel Discussions Working Group Reports

    8a. Accelerator

    8b. ADS and Other Sub-systems Discussions

9. Summary & Closing

Technical Tour

* NB. There will be no poster session.


Workshop Proceedings(OECD bookstore)
Utilisation and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators
Workshop Proceedings, Mito, Japan, 13-15 October 1998
Language: English , Printed: 09.07.1999, 443 pages
NEA#01627, ISBN: 92-64-17068-5,
OECD Ordering reference number: 661999101P1
Cost: 650 FF, 113 US$, 194 DM, 69 £, 13100 JPY

Workshop Organization