A Special Seminar of the 12th Meeting of the WPDD Commemorating
the 10th Anniversary of the Working Party on the Management of Materials
from Decommissioning and Dismantling (WPDD)

16 November 2011
at the NEA Offices
Building B
Le Seine St-Germain
12, Boulevard des Îles
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

(All supporting materials are in pdf format only)

Main Materials

16 November 2011 - A Special Seminar Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the WPDD


  1. Opening
    by Ivo Tripputi, WPDD Chair and Stanley Gordelier, Anniversary Meeting Chair


  1. Address from NEA
    by Janice Dunn-Lee, NEA, Deputy Director

  2. Address from the NEA Radioactive Waste Management Committee
    by Marie-Claude Dupuis, CEO, Andra; Chair of RWMC

  3. Address from IAEA
    by Patrick O'Sullivan, IAEA

  4. Address from the European Commission
    by Thomas Kirchner, EC

History of WPDD - Significant tasks & consequences

  1. Setting up the WPDD in the year 2000 and early years
    by Claudio Pescatore, Principal Administrator, NEA - (Oral presentation)

  2. WPDD - Period till now
    by I. Tripputi, WPDD Chair - (Oral presentation)

Decommissioning overview and challenges

  1. Global outlook for decommissioning
    by Patrick O'Sullivan, IAEA - (Oral presentation)

  2. The future of dealing with the past
    by Stanley Gordelier - (Oral presentation)

  3. Discussion
    by Chair: Ivo Tripputi

Decommissioning stories

  1. Experience from the Greifswald decommissioning project
    by Bernd Rehs, BfS - (Oral presentation)

  2. Rocky Flats
    by Jeff Kerridge, VP Decommissioning & EPC Operations, CH2M Hill - (Oral presentation)

  3. Three Mile Island and Fukushima
    by Andrew Szilagyi, DoE - (Oral presentation) and Hiroshi Rindo, JAEA - (Oral presentation)

  4. Discussion on decommissioning stories

Aspects of decommissioning

  1. Decommissioning costing
    by Lady Janet Balfour of Burleigh, CBE, Nuclear Liabilities Financint Assurance Board, Chair; Nuclear Liabilities Fund, Chair

  2. Organisational aspects of decommissioning at EDF
    by Gérard Laurent, EdF/CIDEN - (Oral presentation)

  3. Human resources in decommissioning
    by Ashutosh Sharma, National Skills Academy - Nuclear, UK - (Oral presentation)

  4. Panel: Decommissioning in the next decade
    by Panel Chair: Ivo Tripputi
    Members: Lady Janet Balfour of Burleigh, Stanley Gordelier, Hiroshi Rindo, Juan-luis Santiago, Andrew Szilagyi, Christine Wassilew

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