Working Group on Fuel Cycle Safety (WGFCS)


    The Working Group on Fuel Cycle Safety brings together representatives of regulatory bodies, their technical support organisations and operators of nuclear fuel cycle facilities, which comprise a number of interrelated activities, including: uranium mining and milling; uranium refining and conversion to uranium hexafluoride; uranium enrichment; fuel fabrication and storage; spent fuel storage; spent fuel reprocessing; decommissioning of nuclear facilities; radioactive waste management and disposal options (including for spent fuel) and the research and demonstration facilities that support these activities.

    Reactor operation is conventionally not included in the so-called nuclear fuel cycle. Similarly, the long-term management of radioactive waste is a very broad field, widely covered in several other NEA committees and is therefore not addressed. However, the safety aspects associated with processing and storing waste in the short-term on the site of fuel cycle facilities are treated by the group.


    WGFSC mandate


    Last modified: 12 February 2019